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# Copyright 2019 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
from . import util
# TODO(dogben): Move this mapping to a machine-editable file.
'gcc-debian10': (
'gcc-debian10-x86': (
def compile_fn(api, checkout_root, out_dir):
compiler = api.vars.builder_cfg.get('compiler', '')
configuration = api.vars.builder_cfg.get('configuration', '')
extra_tokens = api.vars.extra_tokens
os = api.vars.builder_cfg.get('os', '')
target_arch = api.vars.builder_cfg.get('target_arch', '')
args = {
'extra_cflags': [],
'extra_ldflags': [],
'target_cpu': target_arch,
'werror': True
if configuration == 'Debug':
args['is_debug'] = False
if 'NoGPU' in extra_tokens:
args['skia_enable_gpu'] = False
if 'Shared' in extra_tokens:
args['is_component_build'] = True
image_name = None
if os == 'Debian10' and compiler == 'GCC' and not extra_tokens:
args['cc'] = 'gcc'
args['cxx'] = 'g++'
# Newer GCC includes tons and tons of debugging symbols. This seems to
# negatively affect our bots (potentially only in combination with other
# bugs in Swarming or recipe code). Use g1 to reduce it a bit.
if target_arch == 'x86_64':
image_name = 'gcc-debian10'
elif target_arch == 'x86':
image_name = 'gcc-debian10-x86'
if not image_name:
raise Exception('Not implemented: ' + api.vars.builder_name)
image_hash = IMAGES[image_name]
# We always perform an incremental compile, since out dir is cached across
# compile tasks. However, we need to force a recompile when the toolchain
# changes. The simplest way to do that is using a C define that changes
# anytime the image changes.
args['extra_cflags'].append('-DREBUILD_IF_CHANGED_docker_image=%s' % image_hash)
script ='')'Run build script in Docker', image_hash,
checkout_root, out_dir, script, args=[util.py_to_gn(args)])
def copy_build_products(api, src, dst):
util.copy_listed_files(api, src, dst, util.DEFAULT_BUILD_PRODUCTS)