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#ifndef SkXfermode_opts_arm_neon_DEFINED
#define SkXfermode_opts_arm_neon_DEFINED
#include "SkXfermode_proccoeff.h"
class SkNEONProcCoeffXfermode : public SkProcCoeffXfermode {
SkNEONProcCoeffXfermode(const ProcCoeff& rec, SkXfermode::Mode mode,
void* procSIMD)
: INHERITED(rec, mode), fProcSIMD(procSIMD) {}
void xfer32(SkPMColor dst[], const SkPMColor src[], int count,
const SkAlpha aa[]) const override;
void xfer16(uint16_t* SK_RESTRICT dst, const SkPMColor* SK_RESTRICT src,
int count, const SkAlpha* SK_RESTRICT aa) const override;
// void* is used to avoid pulling arm_neon.h in the core and having to build
// it with -mfpu=neon.
void* fProcSIMD;
typedef SkProcCoeffXfermode INHERITED;
extern SkPMColor srcatop_modeproc_neon(SkPMColor src, SkPMColor dst);
extern SkPMColor dstatop_modeproc_neon(SkPMColor src, SkPMColor dst);
extern SkPMColor xor_modeproc_neon(SkPMColor src, SkPMColor dst);
extern SkPMColor plus_modeproc_neon(SkPMColor src, SkPMColor dst);
extern SkPMColor modulate_modeproc_neon(SkPMColor src, SkPMColor dst);
#endif //#ifdef SkXfermode_opts_arm_neon_DEFINED