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* Copyright 2014 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#include "GrPathRendering.h"
#include "SkDescriptor.h"
#include "SkGlyph.h"
#include "SkMatrix.h"
#include "SkTypeface.h"
#include "GrPathRange.h"
class GlyphGenerator : public GrPathRange::PathGenerator {
GlyphGenerator(const SkTypeface& typeface, const SkDescriptor& desc)
: fScalerContext(typeface.createScalerContext(&desc))
#ifdef SK_DEBUG
, fDesc(desc.copy())
fFlipMatrix.setScale(1, -1);
virtual ~GlyphGenerator() {
#ifdef SK_DEBUG
int getNumPaths() override {
return fScalerContext->getGlyphCount();
void generatePath(int glyphID, SkPath* out) override {
SkGlyph skGlyph;
fScalerContext->getPath(skGlyph, out);
out->transform(fFlipMatrix); // Load glyphs with the inverted y-direction.
#ifdef SK_DEBUG
bool isEqualTo(const SkDescriptor& desc) const override {
return fDesc->equals(desc);
const SkAutoTDelete<SkScalerContext> fScalerContext;
SkMatrix fFlipMatrix;
#ifdef SK_DEBUG
SkDescriptor* const fDesc;
GrPathRange* GrPathRendering::createGlyphs(const SkTypeface* typeface,
const SkDescriptor* desc,
const GrStrokeInfo& stroke) {
if (NULL == typeface) {
typeface = SkTypeface::GetDefaultTypeface();
SkASSERT(NULL != typeface);
if (desc) {
SkAutoTUnref<GlyphGenerator> generator(SkNEW_ARGS(GlyphGenerator, (*typeface, *desc)));
return this->createPathRange(generator, stroke);
SkScalerContextRec rec;
memset(&rec, 0, sizeof(rec));
rec.fFontID = typeface->uniqueID();
rec.fTextSize = SkPaint::kCanonicalTextSizeForPaths;
rec.fPreScaleX = rec.fPost2x2[0][0] = rec.fPost2x2[1][1] = SK_Scalar1;
// Don't bake stroke information into the glyphs, we'll let the GPU do the stroking.
SkAutoDescriptor ad(sizeof(rec) + SkDescriptor::ComputeOverhead(1));
SkDescriptor* genericDesc = ad.getDesc();
genericDesc->addEntry(kRec_SkDescriptorTag, sizeof(rec), &rec);
SkAutoTUnref<GlyphGenerator> generator(SkNEW_ARGS(GlyphGenerator, (*typeface, *genericDesc)));
return this->createPathRange(generator, stroke);