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* Copyright 2015 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#include "GrInOrderCommandBuilder.h"
#include "GrColor.h"
#include "GrInOrderDrawBuffer.h"
#include "GrTemplates.h"
#include "SkPoint.h"
static bool path_fill_type_is_winding(const GrStencilSettings& pathStencilSettings) {
static const GrStencilSettings::Face pathFace = GrStencilSettings::kFront_Face;
bool isWinding = kInvert_StencilOp != pathStencilSettings.passOp(pathFace);
if (isWinding) {
// Double check that it is in fact winding.
SkASSERT(kIncClamp_StencilOp == pathStencilSettings.passOp(pathFace));
SkASSERT(kIncClamp_StencilOp == pathStencilSettings.failOp(pathFace));
SkASSERT(0x1 != pathStencilSettings.writeMask(pathFace));
return isWinding;
GrTargetCommands::Cmd* GrInOrderCommandBuilder::recordDrawBatch(State* state, GrBatch* batch) {
// Check if there is a Batch Draw we can batch with
if (!this->cmdBuffer()->empty() &&
Cmd::kDrawBatch_CmdType == this->cmdBuffer()->back().type()) {
DrawBatch* previous = static_cast<DrawBatch*>(&this->cmdBuffer()->back());
if (previous->fState == state && previous->fBatch->combineIfPossible(batch)) {
return NULL;
return GrNEW_APPEND_TO_RECORDER(*this->cmdBuffer(), DrawBatch, (state, batch,
GrInOrderCommandBuilder::recordStencilPath(const GrPipelineBuilder& pipelineBuilder,
const GrPathProcessor* pathProc,
const GrPath* path,
const GrScissorState& scissorState,
const GrStencilSettings& stencilSettings) {
StencilPath* sp = GrNEW_APPEND_TO_RECORDER(*this->cmdBuffer(), StencilPath,
(path, pipelineBuilder.getRenderTarget()));
sp->fScissor = scissorState;
sp->fUseHWAA = pipelineBuilder.isHWAntialias();
sp->fViewMatrix = pathProc->viewMatrix();
sp->fStencil = stencilSettings;
return sp;
GrInOrderCommandBuilder::recordDrawPath(State* state,
const GrPathProcessor* pathProc,
const GrPath* path,
const GrStencilSettings& stencilSettings) {
DrawPath* dp = GrNEW_APPEND_TO_RECORDER(*this->cmdBuffer(), DrawPath, (state, path));
dp->fStencilSettings = stencilSettings;
return dp;
GrInOrderCommandBuilder::recordDrawPaths(State* state,
GrInOrderDrawBuffer* iodb,
const GrPathProcessor* pathProc,
const GrPathRange* pathRange,
const void* indexValues,
GrDrawTarget::PathIndexType indexType,
const float transformValues[],
GrDrawTarget::PathTransformType transformType,
int count,
const GrStencilSettings& stencilSettings,
const GrDrawTarget::PipelineInfo& pipelineInfo) {
char* savedIndices;
float* savedTransforms;
iodb->appendIndicesAndTransforms(indexValues, indexType,
transformValues, transformType,
count, &savedIndices, &savedTransforms);
if (!this->cmdBuffer()->empty() &&
Cmd::kDrawPaths_CmdType == this->cmdBuffer()->back().type()) {
// The previous command was also DrawPaths. Try to collapse this call into the one
// before. Note that stenciling all the paths at once, then covering, may not be
// equivalent to two separate draw calls if there is overlap. Blending won't work,
// and the combined calls may also cancel each other's winding numbers in some
// places. For now the winding numbers are only an issue if the fill is even/odd,
// because DrawPaths is currently only used for glyphs, and glyphs in the same
// font tend to all wind in the same direction.
DrawPaths* previous = static_cast<DrawPaths*>(&this->cmdBuffer()->back());
if (pathRange == previous->pathRange() &&
indexType == previous->fIndexType &&
transformType == previous->fTransformType &&
stencilSettings == previous->fStencilSettings &&
path_fill_type_is_winding(stencilSettings) &&
!pipelineInfo.willBlendWithDst(pathProc) &&
previous->fState == state) {
const int indexBytes = GrPathRange::PathIndexSizeInBytes(indexType);
const int xformSize = GrPathRendering::PathTransformSize(transformType);
if (&previous->fIndices[previous->fCount*indexBytes] == savedIndices &&
(0 == xformSize ||
&previous->fTransforms[previous->fCount*xformSize] == savedTransforms)) {
// Fold this DrawPaths call into the one previous.
previous->fCount += count;
return NULL;
DrawPaths* dp = GrNEW_APPEND_TO_RECORDER(*this->cmdBuffer(), DrawPaths, (state, pathRange));
dp->fIndices = savedIndices;
dp->fIndexType = indexType;
dp->fTransforms = savedTransforms;
dp->fTransformType = transformType;
dp->fCount = count;
dp->fStencilSettings = stencilSettings;
return dp;