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* Copyright 2015 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef GrImmediateDrawTarget_DEFINED
#define GrImmediateDrawTarget_DEFINED
#include "GrDrawTarget.h"
#include "GrBatchTarget.h"
* A debug GrDrawTarget which immediately flushes every command it receives
class GrImmediateDrawTarget : public GrClipTarget {
* Creates a GrImmediateDrawTarget
* @param context the context object that owns this draw buffer.
GrImmediateDrawTarget(GrContext* context);
~GrImmediateDrawTarget() override;
void clearStencilClip(const SkIRect& rect,
bool insideClip,
GrRenderTarget* renderTarget) override;
void discard(GrRenderTarget*) override;
void onReset() override;
void onFlush() override;
// overrides from GrDrawTarget
void onDrawBatch(GrBatch*, const PipelineInfo&) override;
void onStencilPath(const GrPipelineBuilder&,
const GrPathProcessor*,
const GrPath*,
const GrScissorState&,
const GrStencilSettings&) override {
SkFAIL("Only batch implemented\n");
void onDrawPath(const GrPathProcessor*,
const GrPath*,
const GrStencilSettings&,
const PipelineInfo&) override {
SkFAIL("Only batch implemented\n");
void onDrawPaths(const GrPathProcessor*,
const GrPathRange*,
const void* indices,
const float transformValues[],
int count,
const GrStencilSettings&,
const PipelineInfo&) override {
SkFAIL("Only batch implemented\n");
void onClear(const SkIRect* rect,
GrColor color,
bool canIgnoreRect,
GrRenderTarget* renderTarget) override;
void onCopySurface(GrSurface* dst,
GrSurface* src,
const SkIRect& srcRect,
const SkIPoint& dstPoint) override;
bool isIssued(uint32_t drawID) override { return drawID != fDrawID; }
bool SK_WARN_UNUSED_RESULT setupPipelineAndShouldDraw(GrPipeline*,
const GrDrawTarget::PipelineInfo&);
void recordXferBarrierIfNecessary(const GrPipeline*);
GrBatchTarget fBatchTarget;
uint32_t fDrawID;
typedef GrClipTarget INHERITED;