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* Copyright 2013 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef GrGeometryProcessor_DEFINED
#define GrGeometryProcessor_DEFINED
#include "GrPrimitiveProcessor.h"
* A GrGeometryProcessor is a flexible method for rendering a primitive. The GrGeometryProcessor
* has complete control over vertex attributes and uniforms(aside from the render target) but it
* must obey the same contract as any GrPrimitiveProcessor, specifically it must emit a color and
* coverage into the fragment shader. Where this color and coverage come from is completely the
* responsibility of the GrGeometryProcessor.
class GrGeometryProcessor : public GrPrimitiveProcessor {
: INHERITED(false)
, fWillUseGeoShader(false)
, fHasLocalCoords(false) {}
bool willUseGeoShader() const { return fWillUseGeoShader; }
// TODO delete when paths are in batch
void initBatchTracker(GrBatchTracker*, const GrPipelineInfo&) const override {}
// TODO delete this when paths are in batch
bool canMakeEqual(const GrBatchTracker& mine,
const GrPrimitiveProcessor& that,
const GrBatchTracker& theirs) const override {
return false;
// TODO Delete when paths are in batch
void getInvariantOutputColor(GrInitInvariantOutput* out) const override {
void getInvariantOutputCoverage(GrInitInvariantOutput* out) const override {
* Subclasses call this from their constructor to register vertex attributes. Attributes
* will be padded to the nearest 4 bytes for performance reasons.
* TODO After deferred geometry, we should do all of this inline in GenerateGeometry alongside
* the struct used to actually populate the attributes. This is all extremely fragile, vertex
* attributes have to be added in the order they will appear in the struct which maps memory.
* The processor key should reflect the vertex attributes, or there lack thereof in the
* GrGeometryProcessor.
const Attribute& addVertexAttrib(const Attribute& attribute) {
SkASSERT(fNumAttribs < kMaxVertexAttribs);
fVertexStride += attribute.fOffset;
fAttribs[fNumAttribs] = attribute;
return fAttribs[fNumAttribs++];
void setWillUseGeoShader() { fWillUseGeoShader = true; }
// TODO hack see above
void setHasLocalCoords() { fHasLocalCoords = true; }
bool hasExplicitLocalCoords() const override { return fHasLocalCoords; }
bool fWillUseGeoShader;
bool fHasLocalCoords;
typedef GrPrimitiveProcessor INHERITED;