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* Copyright 2015 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef GrCommandBuilder_DEFINED
#define GrCommandBuilder_DEFINED
#include "GrTargetCommands.h"
class GrInOrderDrawBuffer;
class GrCommandBuilder : ::SkNoncopyable {
typedef GrTargetCommands::Cmd Cmd;
typedef GrTargetCommands::State State;
static GrCommandBuilder* Create(GrGpu* gpu, bool reorder);
virtual ~GrCommandBuilder() {}
void reset() { fCommands.reset(); }
void flush(GrInOrderDrawBuffer* iodb) { fCommands.flush(iodb); }
virtual Cmd* recordClearStencilClip(const SkIRect& rect,
bool insideClip,
GrRenderTarget* renderTarget);
virtual Cmd* recordDiscard(GrRenderTarget*);
virtual Cmd* recordDrawBatch(State*, GrBatch*) = 0;
virtual Cmd* recordStencilPath(const GrPipelineBuilder&,
const GrPathProcessor*,
const GrPath*,
const GrScissorState&,
const GrStencilSettings&) = 0;
virtual Cmd* recordDrawPath(State*,
const GrPathProcessor*,
const GrPath*,
const GrStencilSettings&) = 0;
virtual Cmd* recordDrawPaths(State*,
const GrPathProcessor*,
const GrPathRange*,
const void*,
const float transformValues[],
GrDrawTarget::PathTransformType ,
const GrStencilSettings&,
const GrDrawTarget::PipelineInfo&) = 0;
virtual Cmd* recordClear(const SkIRect* rect,
bool canIgnoreRect,
virtual Cmd* recordCopySurface(GrSurface* dst,
GrSurface* src,
const SkIRect& srcRect,
const SkIPoint& dstPoint);
virtual Cmd* recordXferBarrierIfNecessary(const GrPipeline&, const GrCaps&);
typedef GrTargetCommands::DrawBatch DrawBatch;
typedef GrTargetCommands::StencilPath StencilPath;
typedef GrTargetCommands::DrawPath DrawPath;
typedef GrTargetCommands::DrawPaths DrawPaths;
typedef GrTargetCommands::Clear Clear;
typedef GrTargetCommands::ClearStencilClip ClearStencilClip;
typedef GrTargetCommands::CopySurface CopySurface;
typedef GrTargetCommands::XferBarrier XferBarrier;
GrCommandBuilder(GrGpu* gpu) : fCommands(gpu) {}
GrTargetCommands::CmdBuffer* cmdBuffer() { return fCommands.cmdBuffer(); }
GrBatchTarget* batchTarget() { return fCommands.batchTarget(); }
GrTargetCommands fCommands;