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* Copyright 2015 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef SkPM_DEFINED
#define SkPM_DEFINED
#include "SkTypes.h"
#include "SkColor.h"
#include "SkColorPriv.h"
#include "SkNx.h"
// This file may be included multiple times by .cpp files with different flags, leading
// to different definitions. Usually that doesn't matter because it's all inlined, but
// in Debug modes the compilers may not inline everything. So wrap everything in an
// anonymous namespace to give each includer their own silo of this code (or the linker
// will probably pick one randomly for us, which is rarely correct).
namespace {
// A pre-multiplied color storing each component in the same order as SkPMColor,
// but as a float in the range [0, 255].
class SkPMFloat : public Sk4f {
static SkPMFloat FromPMColor(SkPMColor c) { return SkPMFloat(c); }
static SkPMFloat FromARGB(float a, float r, float g, float b) { return SkPMFloat(a,r,g,b); }
// May be more efficient than one at a time. No special alignment assumed for SkPMColors.
static void From4PMColors(const SkPMColor[4], SkPMFloat*, SkPMFloat*, SkPMFloat*, SkPMFloat*);
// Uninitialized.
SkPMFloat() {}
explicit SkPMFloat(SkPMColor);
SkPMFloat(float a, float r, float g, float b)
: INHERITED(r,g,b,a) {}
: INHERITED(b,g,r,a) {}
SkPMFloat(const Sk4f& fs) : INHERITED(fs) {}
float a() const { return this->kth<SK_A32_SHIFT / 8>(); }
float r() const { return this->kth<SK_R32_SHIFT / 8>(); }
float g() const { return this->kth<SK_G32_SHIFT / 8>(); }
float b() const { return this->kth<SK_B32_SHIFT / 8>(); }
// N.B. All methods returning an SkPMColor call SkPMColorAssert on that result before returning.
// round() and roundClamp() round component values to the nearest integer.
SkPMColor round() const; // Assumes all values in [0, 255]. Some implementations may clamp.
SkPMColor roundClamp() const; // Will clamp all values to [0, 255].
// Like round(), but truncates instead of rounding.
// The domain of this function is (-1.0f, 256.0f). Values in (-1.0f, 0.0f] trunc to a zero.
SkPMColor trunc() const;
// 4-at-a-time versions of round() and roundClamp(). Like From4PMColors(), no alignment assumed.
static void RoundTo4PMColors(
const SkPMFloat&, const SkPMFloat&, const SkPMFloat&, const SkPMFloat&, SkPMColor[4]);
static void RoundClampTo4PMColors(
const SkPMFloat&, const SkPMFloat&, const SkPMFloat&, const SkPMFloat&, SkPMColor[4]);
bool isValid() const {
return this->a() >= 0 && this->a() <= 255
&& this->r() >= 0 && this->r() <= this->a()
&& this->g() >= 0 && this->g() <= this->a()
&& this->b() >= 0 && this->b() <= this->a();
typedef Sk4f INHERITED;
} // namespace
// Platform implementations of SkPMFloat assume Sk4f uses SSE or NEON. _none is generic.
#include "../opts/SkPMFloat_none.h"
#include "../opts/SkPMFloat_SSSE3.h"
#include "../opts/SkPMFloat_SSE2.h"
#elif defined(SK_ARM_HAS_NEON)
#include "../opts/SkPMFloat_neon.h"
#include "../opts/SkPMFloat_none.h"