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* Copyright 2011 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef SkDrawProcs_DEFINED
#define SkDrawProcs_DEFINED
#include "SkBlitter.h"
#include "SkDraw.h"
#include "SkGlyph.h"
class SkAAClip;
class SkBlitter;
struct SkDraw1Glyph {
const SkDraw* fDraw;
const SkRegion* fClip;
const SkAAClip* fAAClip;
SkBlitter* fBlitter;
SkGlyphCache* fCache;
const SkPaint* fPaint;
SkIRect fClipBounds;
/** Half the sampling frequency of the rasterized glyph in x. */
SkScalar fHalfSampleX;
/** Half the sampling frequency of the rasterized glyph in y. */
SkScalar fHalfSampleY;
/** Draws one glyph.
* The x and y are pre-biased, so implementations may just truncate them.
* i.e. half the sampling frequency has been added.
* e.g. 1/2 or 1/(2^(SkGlyph::kSubBits+1)) has already been added.
* This added bias can be found in fHalfSampleX,Y.
typedef void (*Proc)(const SkDraw1Glyph&, Sk48Dot16 x, Sk48Dot16 y, const SkGlyph&);
Proc init(const SkDraw* draw, SkBlitter* blitter, SkGlyphCache* cache,
const SkPaint&);
// call this instead of fBlitter->blitMask() since this wrapper will handle
// the case when the mask is ARGB32_Format
void blitMask(const SkMask& mask, const SkIRect& clip) const {
if (SkMask::kARGB32_Format == mask.fFormat) {
} else {
fBlitter->blitMask(mask, clip);
// mask must be kARGB32_Format
void blitMaskAsSprite(const SkMask& mask) const;
struct SkDrawProcs {
SkDraw1Glyph::Proc fD1GProc;
bool SkDrawTreatAAStrokeAsHairline(SkScalar strokeWidth, const SkMatrix&,
SkScalar* coverage);
* If the current paint is set to stroke and the stroke-width when applied to
* the matrix is <= 1.0, then this returns true, and sets coverage (simulating
* a stroke by drawing a hairline with partial coverage). If any of these
* conditions are false, then this returns false and coverage is ignored.
inline bool SkDrawTreatAsHairline(const SkPaint& paint, const SkMatrix& matrix,
SkScalar* coverage) {
if (SkPaint::kStroke_Style != paint.getStyle()) {
return false;
SkScalar strokeWidth = paint.getStrokeWidth();
if (0 == strokeWidth) {
*coverage = SK_Scalar1;
return true;
if (!paint.isAntiAlias()) {
return false;
return SkDrawTreatAAStrokeAsHairline(strokeWidth, matrix, coverage);
class SkTextAlignProc {
SkTextAlignProc(SkPaint::Align align)
: fAlign(align) {
// Returns the glyph position, which may be rounded or not by the caller
// e.g. subpixel doesn't round.
void operator()(const SkPoint& loc, const SkGlyph& glyph, SkPoint* dst) {
if (SkPaint::kLeft_Align == fAlign) {
dst->set(loc.fX, loc.fY);
} else if (SkPaint::kCenter_Align == fAlign) {
dst->set(loc.fX - SkFixedToScalar(glyph.fAdvanceX >> 1),
loc.fY - SkFixedToScalar(glyph.fAdvanceY >> 1));
} else {
SkASSERT(SkPaint::kRight_Align == fAlign);
dst->set(loc.fX - SkFixedToScalar(glyph.fAdvanceX),
loc.fY - SkFixedToScalar(glyph.fAdvanceY));
const SkPaint::Align fAlign;