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* Copyright 2006 The Android Open Source Project
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef SkAnimateMaker_DEFINED
#define SkAnimateMaker_DEFINED
#include "SkAnimator.h"
#include "SkBitmap.h"
#include "SkIntArray.h"
#include "SkDisplayEvents.h"
#include "SkDisplayList.h"
#include "SkDisplayScreenplay.h"
#include "SkDisplayXMLParser.h"
#include "SkScript.h"
#include "SkString.h"
#include "SkTDict.h"
// not sure where this little helper macro should go
class SkActive;
class SkAnimate;
class SkCanvas;
class SkDisplayable;
class SkADrawable;
class SkDump;
class SkEvent;
class SkEventSink;
class SkExtras;
class SkGroup;
class SkPaint;
class SkStream;
class SkAnimateMaker {
SkAnimateMaker(SkAnimator* animator, SkCanvas* canvas, SkPaint* paint);
void appendActive(SkActive* );
void childrenAdd(SkDisplayable* child) { *fChildren.append() = child; }
void clearExtraPropertyCallBack(SkDisplayTypes type);
bool computeID(SkDisplayable* displayable, SkDisplayable* parent, SkString* newID);
SkDisplayable* createInstance(const char name[], size_t len);
bool decodeStream(SkStream* stream);
bool decodeURI(const char uri[]);
void delayEnable(SkApply* apply, SkMSec time);
void doDelayedEvent();
bool doEvent(const SkEvent& event);
void dump(const char* match);
int dynamicProperty(SkString& nameStr, SkDisplayable** );
bool find(const char* str, SkDisplayable** displayablePtr) const {
return fIDs.find(str, displayablePtr);
bool find(const char* str, size_t len, SkDisplayable** displayablePtr) const {
return fIDs.find(str, len, displayablePtr);
bool findKey(SkDisplayable* displayable, const char** string) const {
return fIDs.findKey(displayable, string);
// bool find(SkString& string, SkDisplayable** displayablePtr) {
// return fIDs.find(string.c_str(), displayablePtr);
// }
SkAnimator* getAnimator() { return fAnimator; }
SkMSec getAppTime() const; // call caller to get current time
#ifdef SK_DEBUG
SkAnimator* getRoot();
SkXMLParserError::ErrorCode getErrorCode() const { return fError.getErrorCode(); }
SkMSec getInTime() { return fDisplayList.getTime(); }
int getNativeCode() const { return fError.getNativeCode(); }
bool hasError() { return fError.hasError(); }
void helperAdd(SkDisplayable* trackMe);
void helperRemove(SkDisplayable* alreadyTracked);
void idsSet(const char* attrValue, size_t len, SkDisplayable* displayable) {
fIDs.set(attrValue, len, displayable); }
// void loadMovies();
void notifyInval();
void notifyInvalTime(SkMSec time);
void postOnEnd(SkAnimateBase* animate, SkMSec end);
void removeActive(SkActive* );
void reset();
bool resolveID(SkDisplayable* displayable, SkDisplayable* original);
void setEnableTime(SkMSec appTime, SkMSec expectedTime);
void setErrorCode(SkXMLParserError::ErrorCode err) { if (fError.hasError() == false) fError.INHERITED::setCode(err); }
void setErrorCode(SkDisplayXMLParserError::ErrorCode err) { if (fError.hasError() == false) fError.setCode(err); }
void setErrorNoun(const SkString& str) { if (fError.hasError() == false) fError.setNoun(str); }
void setErrorString();
void setExtraPropertyCallBack(SkDisplayTypes type, SkScriptEngine::_propertyCallBack , void* userStorage);
void setID(SkDisplayable* displayable, const SkString& newID);
void setInnerError(SkAnimateMaker* maker, const SkString& str) { fError.setInnerError(maker, str); }
void setScriptError(const SkScriptEngine& );
#ifdef SK_DEBUG
void validate() { fDisplayList.validate(); }
void validate() {}
SkDisplayEvent* fActiveEvent;
SkMSec fAdjustedStart;
SkCanvas* fCanvas;
SkMSec fEnableTime;
int fEndDepth; // passed parameter to onEndElement
SkEvents fEvents;
SkDisplayList fDisplayList;
SkEventSinkID fHostEventSinkID;
SkMSec fMinimumInterval;
SkPaint* fPaint;
SkAnimateMaker* fParentMaker;
SkString fPrefix;
SkDisplayScreenplay fScreenplay;
const SkAnimator::Timeline* fTimeline;
SkBool8 fInInclude;
SkBool8 fInMovie;
SkBool8 fFirstScriptError;
SkMSec fDebugTimeBase;
SkString fDumpAnimated;
SkBool8 fDumpEvents;
SkBool8 fDumpGConditions;
SkBool8 fDumpPosts;
void deleteMembers();
static bool GetStep(const char* token, size_t len, void* stepPtr, SkScriptValue* );
SkAnimateMaker& operator=(SkAnimateMaker& );
SkTDDisplayableArray fChildren;
SkTDDisplayableArray fDelayed; // SkApply that contain delayed enable events
SkDisplayXMLParserError fError;
SkString fErrorString;
SkTDArray<SkExtras*> fExtras;
SkString fFileName;
SkTDDisplayableArray fHelpers; // helper displayables
SkBool8 fLoaded;
SkTDDisplayableArray fMovies;
SkTDict<SkDisplayable*> fIDs;
SkAnimator* fAnimator;
friend class SkAdd;
friend class SkAnimateBase;
friend class SkDisplayXMLParser;
friend class SkAnimator;
friend class SkAnimatorScript;
friend class SkApply;
friend class SkDisplayMovie;
friend class SkDisplayType;
friend class SkEvents;
friend class SkGroup;
friend struct SkMemberInfo;
#endif // SkAnimateMaker_DEFINED