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* Copyright 2006 The Android Open Source Project
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef SkAnimateActive_DEFINED
#define SkAnimateActive_DEFINED
#include "SkDisplayApply.h"
#include "SkOperandInterpolator.h"
#include "SkIntArray.h"
class SkAnimateMaker;
class SkActive {
SkActive(SkApply& , SkAnimateMaker& );
void advance();
void append(SkApply* );
void calcDurations(int index);
void create(SkADrawable* scope, SkMSec time);
bool draw() { return immediate(false); }
bool enable() { return immediate(true); }
void init( );
SkMSec getTime(SkMSec inTime, int animatorIndex);
void pickUp(SkActive* existing);
void reset() { fDrawIndex = 0; }
void setInterpolator(int index, SkOperand* from);
void start();
#ifdef SK_DEBUG
void validate();
void appendSave(int oldCount);
void fixInterpolator(SkBool save);
bool immediate(bool enable);
bool initializeSave();
void initState(SkApply* , int offset);
void resetInterpolators();
void resetState();
void restoreInterpolatorValues(int index);
void saveInterpolatorValues(int index);
void setSteps(int steps);
struct SkState {
// void bumpSave();
SkMSec getRelativeTime(SkMSec time);
SkApply::Mode fMode;
SkApply::Transition fTransition;
SkBool8 fPickup;
SkBool8 fRestore;
SkBool8 fStarted;
SkBool8 fUnpostedEndEvent;
int32_t fSteps;
SkMSec fBegin;
SkMSec fStartTime;
SkMSec fDuration;
SkMSec fSave;
SkMSec fTicks;
SkActive& operator= (const SkActive& );
SkTDArray<SkOperandInterpolator*> fInterpolators;
SkApply& fApply;
SkTDArray<SkState> fState; // one per animator
SkTDOperandPtrArray fSaveRestore; // if apply has restore="true"
SkTDOperandPtrArray fSaveInterpolators;
SkTDAnimateArray fAnimators;
SkMSec fMaxTime; // greatest of all animation durations; only used by immediate mode
SkAnimateMaker& fMaker;
int fDrawIndex;
int fDrawMax;
friend class SkApply;
#endif // SkAnimateActive_DEFINED