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Skia Graphics Release Notes
This file includes a list of high level updates for each milestone release.
Milestone 79
* Make the size of program/pipeline caches configurable via
Milestone 78
* Added RELEASE_NOTES.txt file
* SkDrawLooper is no longer supported in SkPaint or SkCanvas.
* SkPath::Iter::next() now ignores its consumDegenerates bools. Those will so
go away entirely
* SkImage: new factories: DecodeToRaster, DecodeToTexture
* SkImageFilter API refactor started:
- Provide new factory API in include/effects/SkImageFilters
- Consolidated enum types to use SkTileMode and SkColorChannel
- Hide filter implementation classes
- Hide previously public functions on SkImageFilter that were intended for
internal use only
* SkColorFilters::HSLAMatrix - new matrix color filter operating in HSLA
* Modify GrBackendFormat getters to not return internal pointers. Use an enum
class for GL formats.
* Expose GrContext::dump() when SK_ENABLE_DUMP_GPU is defined.
* Vulkan backend now supports YCbCr sampler for I420 Vulkan images that are
not backed by external images.
* Add SkCodec::SelectionPolicy for distinguishing between decoding a still
image or an image sequence for a container format that has both (e.g. HEIF).
* SkImage::makeTextureImage and SkImage::MakeCrossContextFromPixmap no longer
take an SkColorSpace parameter. It was unused.
* SkImage::reinterpretColorSpace - to reinterpret image contents in a new
color space.
* Removed SkImage::MakeCrossContextFromEncoded.
* Add Metal support for GrFence, GrSemaphore, and GrBackendSemaphore
* SkMallocPixelRef: remove MakeDirect and MakeWithProc from API.
* Remove 4-parameter variant of SkRect::join() and intersect(), and
noemptycheck variants of intersect().
* Remove unused sk_sp comparison operators.
* Add SkColor4f variant to experimental_DrawEdgeAAQuad for SkiaRenderer.
* Deprecated maxCount resource cache limit for Ganesh.
This hasn't been relevant for a long time.
* Changed GrContextOptions' fDisallowGLSLBinaryCaching to fShaderCacheStrategy,
and allow caching SkSL.
* Added kRG_88_SkColorType. This is intended to help support YUV uses case (e.g., NV12).
As such, it the addition is focused on allowing creation of SkPixmaps and SkImages and not
SkSurfaces (i.e., who wants to render to RG?)
* Add GrContext::precompileShader to allow up-front compilation of previously-cached shaders.