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in half val;
uniform int ui;
uniform half4 uh4;
uniform bool b;
struct S {
half4 ah4[1];
half ah[1];
half4 h4;
half h;
void funcb(bool b, out half4 outColor) {
outColor = b ? outColor.xxxx : outColor.yyyy;
void func1(half h, out half4 outColor) {
outColor = h.xxxx;
void func2(half2 h2, out half4 outColor) {
outColor = h2.xyxy;
void func3(half3 h3, out half4 outColor) {
outColor = h3.xyzx;
void func4(half4 h4, out half4 outColor) {
outColor = h4;
void main() {
S s;
s.ah4[0] = half4(val);
s.ah[0] = val;
s.h4 = half4(val);
s.h = val;
S as[1];
as[0].ah4[0] = half4(val);
// These expressions are considered "trivial" and will be cloned directly into the inlined
// function without a temporary variable.
funcb(sk_Caps.floatIs32Bits, sk_FragColor);
func1(+s.h, sk_FragColor);
funcb(b, sk_FragColor);
func2(s.ah4[0].yw, sk_FragColor);
func2(as[0].ah4[0].xy, sk_FragColor);
func3(s.h4.zzz, sk_FragColor);
func3(, sk_FragColor);
func3(, sk_FragColor);
func4(half4(s.h), sk_FragColor);
func4(s.ah4[0].xxxy, sk_FragColor);
func4(uh4, sk_FragColor);
// These expressions are considered "non-trivial" and will be placed in a temporary variable
// when inlining occurs.
funcb(!sk_Caps.floatIs32Bits, sk_FragColor);
func1(-s.h, sk_FragColor);
funcb(!b, sk_FragColor);
func2(s.ah4[ui].yw, sk_FragColor);
func3(s.h4.yyy + s.h4.zzz, sk_FragColor);
func4(s.h4.y001, sk_FragColor);