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* Copyright 2013 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef GrGLContext_DEFINED
#define GrGLContext_DEFINED
#include "include/gpu/gl/GrGLExtensions.h"
#include "include/gpu/gl/GrGLInterface.h"
#include "src/gpu/gl/GrGLCaps.h"
#include "src/gpu/gl/GrGLUtil.h"
#include "src/gpu/glsl/GrGLSL.h"
struct GrContextOptions;
* Encapsulates information about an OpenGL context including the OpenGL
* version, the GrGLStandard type of the context, and GLSL version.
class GrGLContextInfo {
GrGLContextInfo(GrGLContextInfo&&) = default;
GrGLContextInfo& operator=(GrGLContextInfo&&) = default;
virtual ~GrGLContextInfo() {}
GrGLStandard standard() const { return fInterface->fStandard; }
GrGLVersion version() const { return fDriverInfo.fVersion; }
GrGLSLGeneration glslGeneration() const { return fGLSLGeneration; }
GrGLVendor vendor() const { return fDriverInfo.fVendor; }
GrGLRenderer renderer() const { return fDriverInfo.fRenderer; }
GrGLANGLEBackend angleBackend() const { return fDriverInfo.fANGLEBackend; }
GrGLVendor angleVendor() const { return fDriverInfo.fANGLEVendor; }
GrGLRenderer angleRenderer() const { return fDriverInfo.fANGLERenderer; }
/** What driver is running our GL implementation? This is not necessarily related to the vendor.
(e.g. Intel GPU being driven by Mesa) */
GrGLDriver driver() const { return fDriverInfo.fDriver; }
GrGLDriverVersion driverVersion() const { return fDriverInfo.fDriverVersion; }
bool isOverCommandBuffer() const { return fDriverInfo.fIsOverCommandBuffer; }
const GrGLCaps* caps() const { return fGLCaps.get(); }
GrGLCaps* caps() { return fGLCaps.get(); }
bool hasExtension(const char* ext) const {
return fInterface->hasExtension(ext);
const GrGLExtensions& extensions() const { return fInterface->fExtensions; }
* Makes a version of this context info that strips the "angle-ness". It will report kUnknown
* for angleBackend() and report this info's angleRenderer() as renderer() and similiar for
* driver(), driverVersion(), and vendor().
GrGLContextInfo makeNonAngle() const;
GrGLContextInfo& operator=(const GrGLContextInfo&) = default;
GrGLContextInfo(const GrGLContextInfo&) = default;
struct ConstructorArgs {
sk_sp<const GrGLInterface> fInterface;
GrGLDriverInfo fDriverInfo;
GrGLSLGeneration fGLSLGeneration;
const GrContextOptions* fContextOptions;
sk_sp<const GrGLInterface> fInterface;
GrGLDriverInfo fDriverInfo;
GrGLSLGeneration fGLSLGeneration;
sk_sp<GrGLCaps> fGLCaps;
* Extension of GrGLContextInfo that also provides access to GrGLInterface.
class GrGLContext : public GrGLContextInfo {
* Creates a GrGLContext from a GrGLInterface and the currently
* bound OpenGL context accessible by the GrGLInterface.
static std::unique_ptr<GrGLContext> Make(sk_sp<const GrGLInterface>, const GrContextOptions&);
const GrGLInterface* glInterface() const { return fInterface.get(); }
~GrGLContext() override;
GrGLContext(ConstructorArgs&& args) : INHERITED(std::move(args)) {}
using INHERITED = GrGLContextInfo;