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* Copyright (C) 2012-2015, International Business Machines
* Corporation and others. All Rights Reserved.
* collationbasedatabuilder.h
* created on: 2012aug11
* created by: Markus W. Scherer
#include "unicode/utypes.h"
#include "unicode/uniset.h"
#include "unicode/unistr.h"
#include "unicode/uscript.h"
#include "collation.h"
#include "collationdata.h"
#include "collationdatabuilder.h"
#include "normalizer2impl.h"
#include "utrie2.h"
#include "uvectr32.h"
#include "uvectr64.h"
#include "uvector.h"
* Low-level base CollationData builder.
class U_I18N_API CollationBaseDataBuilder : public CollationDataBuilder {
CollationBaseDataBuilder(UErrorCode &errorCode);
virtual ~CollationBaseDataBuilder();
void init(UErrorCode &errorCode);
* Sets the Han ranges as ranges of offset CE32s.
* Note: Unihan extension A sorts after the other BMP ranges.
* See
* @param ranges array of ranges of [:Unified_Ideograph:] in collation order,
* as (start, end) code point pairs
* @param length number of code points (not pairs)
* @param errorCode in/out error code
void initHanRanges(const UChar32 ranges[], int32_t length, UErrorCode &errorCode);
void setNumericPrimary(uint32_t np) { numericPrimary = np; }
virtual UBool isCompressibleLeadByte(uint32_t b) const;
void setCompressibleLeadByte(uint32_t b);
static int32_t diffTwoBytePrimaries(uint32_t p1, uint32_t p2, UBool isCompressible);
static int32_t diffThreeBytePrimaries(uint32_t p1, uint32_t p2, UBool isCompressible);
virtual uint32_t encodeCEs(const int64_t ces[], int32_t cesLength, UErrorCode &errorCode);
void addRootElements(const int64_t ces[], int32_t cesLength, UErrorCode &errorCode);
void addRootElement(int64_t ce, UErrorCode &errorCode);
void addScriptStart(int32_t script, uint32_t p);
virtual void build(CollationData &data, UErrorCode &errorCode);
void buildRootElementsTable(UVector32 &table, UErrorCode &errorCode);
int32_t writeRootElementsRange(
uint32_t prevPrimary, uint32_t p, int32_t i,
UVector32 &table, UErrorCode &errorCode);
// Flags for which primary-weight lead bytes are compressible.
UBool compressibleBytes[256];
uint32_t numericPrimary;
uint32_t firstHanPrimary;
uint32_t lastHanPrimary;
int32_t hanStep;
UVector64 rootElements;
uint16_t scriptsIndex[USCRIPT_CODE_LIMIT + 16]; // need exactly this many
uint16_t scriptStarts[USCRIPT_CODE_LIMIT + 16]; // should be safely more than needed
int32_t scriptStartsLength;