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  1. f02b496 ICU-20783 C++ covariant return types: clone(), freeze() & friends by Markus Scherer · 19 hours ago master
  2. deec7ef ICU-20646 make Edits::copyErrorTo() const by Markus Scherer · 22 hours ago
  3. 0a01b29 ICU-20776 Checks for nullness in UMutex::lock() by Filip Filmar · 2 days ago
  4. c5ad466 ICU-20768 Remove fixed DLL base addresses when building Windows DLLs. by Jeff Genovy · 3 days ago
  5. 3270871 ICU-20618 Regex nested lookaround expressions, clean up active match region handling. by Andy Heninger · 4 days ago

International Components for Unicode

This is the repository for the International Components for Unicode. The ICU project is under the stewardship of The Unicode Consortium.

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Please see ./icu4c/LICENSE (C and J are under an identical license file.)

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