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  1. 8c717b5 ICU-20665 Removing number-dependence from ICU4C FormattedStringBuilder fields. by Shane Carr · 3 days ago master
  2. 21df052 ICU-20673 Allow built-in translit ID w/o data. by Frank Yung-Fong Tang · 3 days ago
  3. c98af92 ICU-20418 Implementing concise number skeletons in ICU4J. by Shane Carr · 6 days ago
  4. 0ad2f95 ICU-20418 Fix indentation of CHECK_NULL in number_skeletons.cpp by Shane Carr · 6 days ago
  5. fe98d87 ICU-20418 Adding concise number skeletons in ICU4C by Shane Carr · 6 days ago

International Components for Unicode

This is the repository for the International Components for Unicode. The ICU project is under the stewardship of The Unicode Consortium.

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Please see ./icu4c/LICENSE (C and J are under an identical license file.)

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