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# Copyright (C) 2009-2011 IBM and Others. All Rights Reserved
API Change Report:
A tool to generate a report of API status changes between two ICU4C releases.
(ICU4J has a builtin change report generator)
- Everything needed to build ICU4C from a command line (UNIX) environment
- Doxygen (for generating docs).
Doxygen is recommended for ICU API docs,
but an older Doxygen may work for the API Change Report.
- Java JDK 1.5+
- Apache Ant
To use the utility:
1. Put both old and new ICU source trees on your system
2. Run "configure" in both old and new (you can use any mixture of in-source and out-of-source builds). Doxygen must be found during the configure phase, but you do not need to build the standard API docs.
3. create a Makefile.local in this readme's directory (tools/release/java/)
with just these two lines:
( where these are the paths to the parent of 'source', etc)
If your ICU is an out-of-source-build, add these two lines
indicating the build location:
4. from this directory, (tools/release/java/) run Make to build docs:
5. This will create an 'APIChangeReport.html' file in this directory. Look it over, and then check it in to ${NEW_ICU}/APIChangeReport.html (parent of icu/source).