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<title>Chart Instructions</title>
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<p>The Name charts provide an index to Unicode names. Each word in each Unicode
character name is extracted, and used as an index for the characters. </p>
<p><i>To properly view these charts, your browser should be reasonably recent
so it handles Unicode and cascading style sheets, and you should install a
Unicode font and configure your browser to use it.</i></p>
<li>To keep the charts from becoming too large, a 'stop-list' of words are
omitted. These are:
<li>All script names</li>
<li>All words containing a digit</li>
<li>All Hangul Syllables</li>
<li>Unlike some of the other charts, tool-tips to reveal the names are not
included (for compactness). However, if you want to know the name of any
particular characters:
<li>Copy the character from the cell.</li>
<li>Go to <a href=""></a></li>
<li>Paste in under <b>Input 1</b></li>
<li>Select <b>Output 1</b>: Any - Name</li>