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* Copyright (c) 1997-2013, International Business Machines Corporation and
* others. All Rights Reserved.
* Modification History:
* Name Date Description
* Madhu Katragadda 05/09/2000 Ported Tests for New ResourceBundle API
* Madhu Katragadda 05/24/2000 Added new tests to test RES_BINARY for collationElements
#ifndef _CRESTSTN
#define _CRESTSTN
#include "cintltst.h"
* Test wrapper for ures_getStringXYZ(), for testing other variants of
* these functions as well.
* If index>=0, calls ures_getStringByIndex().
* If key!=NULL, calls ures_getStringByKey().
extern const UChar *
tres_getString(const UResourceBundle *resB,
int32_t index, const char *key,
int32_t *length,
UErrorCode *status);
void addNEWResourceBundleTest(TestNode**);
*Perform several extensive tests using the subtest routine testTag
static void TestResourceBundles(void);
* Test construction of ResourceBundle accessing a custom test resource-file
static void TestConstruction1(void);
static void TestAliasConflict(void);
static void TestFallback(void);
static void TestPreventFallback(void);
static void TestBinaryCollationData(void);
static void TestNewTypes(void);
static void TestEmptyTypes(void);
static void TestAPI(void);
static void TestErrorConditions(void);
static void TestGetVersion(void);
static void TestGetVersionColl(void);
static void TestEmptyBundle(void);
static void TestDirectAccess(void);
static void TestTicket9804(void);
static void TestResourceLevelAliasing(void);
static void TestErrorCodes(void);
static void TestJB3763(void);
static void TestXPath(void);
static void TestStackReuse(void);
* extensive subtests called by TestResourceBundles
static UBool testTag(const char* frag, UBool in_Root, UBool in_te, UBool in_te_IN);
static void record_pass(void);
static void record_fail(void);