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# Copyright (c) 2002-2012 IBM, Inc. and others
# sample code rules for a single-target simple sample
# list of targets that aren't actually created
.PHONY: all clean distclean check report
$( $(LOADLIBES) $(LDLIBS) -o $@ $(XTRALIBS) -licui18n -licuuc
res-install: $(RESTARGET)
$(PKGDATA) --name $(RESNAME) --mode $(RESMODE) $(PKGDATAOPTS) $(RESLIST) --install $(shell icu-config --libdir)
# clean out files
distclean clean: $(CLEAN_SUBDIR)
-test -z "$(CLEANFILES)" || rm -rf $(CLEANFILES)
# Make check: simply runs the sample, logged to a file
## resources
%.res: %.txt
@echo "generating $@"
$(RESNAME)/%.res: %.txt
@echo "generating $@"
## Some platforms don't have .cpp as a default suffix, so add the rule here
%.o: %.cpp