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# Copyright (c) 2002-2003, International Business Machines Corporation and
# others. All Rights Reserved.
# word.txt Word Breaking Rules for ICU Rules Based Break Iterator.
$Hiragana = [[:L:] & [:Hira:]];
$Katakana = [[:L:] & [:Kana:]];
# Definition of $Ideographic is from TR14, Line Breaking.
$Ideographic =
[ \u1100-\u1159 \u115F \u2E80-\u2E99 \u2E9B-\u2EF3 \u2F00-\u2FD5 \u2FF0-\u2FFB
\u3000 \u3003-\u3004 \u3006-\u3007 \u3012-\u3013 \u3020-\u3029
\u3030-\u303A \u303D-\u303F \u3042 \u3044 \u3046 \u3048 \u304A-\u3062
\u3064-\u3082 \u3084 \u3086 \u3088-\u308D \u308F-\u3094 \u309F
\u30A2 \u30A4 \u30A6 \u30A8 \u30AA-\u30C2 \u30C4-\u30E2 \u30E4
\u30E6 \u30E8-\u30ED \u30EF-\u30F4 \u30F7-\u30FA \u30FC \u30FE-\u30FF
\u3105-\u312C \u3131-\u318E \u3190-\u31B7 \u3200-\u321C \u3220-\u3243
\u3251-\u327B \u327F-\u32CB \u32D0-\u32FE \u3300-\u3376 \u337B-\u33DD
\u33E0-\u33FE \u3400-\u4DB5 \u4E00-\u9FA5 \uA000-\uA48C \uA490-\uA4C6
\uAC00-\uD7A3 \uF900-\uFA2D \uFA30-\uFA6A \uFE30-\uFE34 \uFE45-\uFE46
\uFE49-\uFE4F \uFE51 \uFE58 \uFE5F-\uFE66 \uFE68 \uFE6B \uFF02-\uFF03
\uFF06-\uFF07 \uFF0A-\uFF0B \uFF0D \uFF0F-\uFF19 \uFF1C-\uFF1E
\uFF20-\uFF3A \uFF3C \uFF3E-\uFF5A \uFF5C \uFF5E \uFFE2-\uFFE4
\U00020000-\U0002A6D6 \U0002F800-\U0002FA1D];
# These definitions are from the character break rules.
$CGJ = [\u034f]; #Combining Grapheme Joiner
$Link = [\u094D \u09CD \u0A4D \u0ACD \u0B4D \u0BCD \u0C4D \u0CCD \u0D4D \u0DCA \u0E3A \u1039 \u17D2];
$NotControl = [^[:Zl:] [:Zp:] [:Cc:]]; #Line Separator, Paragraph Separtor, General Category == Control
$Extend = # From UNIDATA/DerivedCoreProperties.txt
[\u0300-\u034E \u0360-\u036F \u0483-\u0486 \u0488-\u0489 \u0591-\u05A1 \u05A3-\u05B9
\u05BB-\u05BD \u05BF \u05C1-\u05C2 \u05C4 \u064B-\u0655 \u0670 \u06D6-\u06DC
\u06DE \u06DF-\u06E4 \u06E7-\u06E8 \u06EA-\u06ED \u0711 \u0730-\u074A
\u07A6-\u07B0 \u0901-\u0902 \u0903 \u093C \u093E-\u0940 \u0941-\u0948
\u0949-\u094C \u0951-\u0954 \u0962-\u0963 \u0981 \u0982-\u0983 \u09BC
\u09BE-\u09C0 \u09C1-\u09C4 \u09C7-\u09C8 \u09CB-\u09CC \u09D7 \u09E2-\u09E3
\u0A02 \u0A3C \u0A3E-\u0A40 \u0A41-\u0A42 \u0A47-\u0A48 \u0A4B-\u0A4C
\u0A70-\u0A71 \u0A81-\u0A82 \u0A83 \u0ABC \u0ABE-\u0AC0 \u0AC1-\u0AC5
\u0AC7-\u0AC8 \u0AC9 \u0ACB-\u0ACC \u0B01 \u0B02-\u0B03 \u0B3C \u0B3E
\u0B3F \u0B40 \u0B41-\u0B43 \u0B47-\u0B48 \u0B4B-\u0B4C \u0B56 \u0B57
\u0B82 \u0BBE-\u0BBF \u0BC0 \u0BC1-\u0BC2 \u0BC6-\u0BC8 \u0BCA-\u0BCC \u0BD7
\u0C01-\u0C03 \u0C3E-\u0C40 \u0C41-\u0C44 \u0C46-\u0C48 \u0C4A-\u0C4C
\u0C55-\u0C56 \u0C82-\u0C83 \u0CBE \u0CBF \u0CC0-\u0CC4 \u0CC6
\u0CC7-\u0CC8 \u0CCA-\u0CCB \u0CCC \u0CD5-\u0CD6 \u0D02-\u0D03 \u0D3E-\u0D40
\u0D41-\u0D43 \u0D46-\u0D48 \u0D4A-\u0D4C \u0D57 \u0D82-\u0D83 \u0DCF-\u0DD1
\u0DD2-\u0DD4 \u0DD6 \u0DD8-\u0DDF \u0DF2-\u0DF3 \u0E31 \u0E34-\u0E39
\u0E47-\u0E4E \u0EB1 \u0EB4-\u0EB9 \u0EBB-\u0EBC \u0EC8-\u0ECD \u0F18-\u0F19
\u0F35 \u0F37 \u0F39 \u0F3E-\u0F3F \u0F71-\u0F7E \u0F7F \u0F80-\u0F84
\u0F86-\u0F87 \u0F90-\u0F97 \u0F99-\u0FBC \u0FC6 \u102C \u102D-\u1030 \u1031
\u1032 \u1036-\u1037 \u1038 \u1056-\u1057 \u1058-\u1059 \u1712-\u1714
\u1732-\u1734 \u1752-\u1753 \u1772-\u1773 \u17B4-\u17B6 \u17B7-\u17BD
\u17BE-\u17C5 \u17C6 \u17C7-\u17C8 \u17C9-\u17D1 \u17D3 \u180B-\u180D
\u18A9 \u20D0-\u20DC \u20DD-\u20E0 \u20E1 \u20E2-\u20E4 \u20E5-\u20EA
\u302A-\u302F \u3099-\u309A \uFB1E \uFE00-\uFE0F \uFE20-\uFE23 \uFF9E-\uFF9F
\U0001D165-\U0001D166 \U0001D167-\U0001D169 \U0001D16D-\U0001D172
\U0001D17B-\U0001D182 \U0001D185-\U0001D18B \U0001D1AA-\U0001D1AD];
# Korean, also taken from character break rules.
# Korean Syllable Sequences
$L = [\u1100-\u115f];
$V = [\u1160-\u11a2];
$T = [\u11a8-\u11f9];
$LV = [ \uac00 \uac1c \uac38 \uac54 \uac70 \uac8c \uaca8 \uacc4 \uace0 \uacfc \uad18 \uad34 \uad50 \uad6c \uad88 \uada4
\uadc0 \uaddc \uadf8 \uae14 \uae30 \uae4c \uae68 \uae84 \uaea0 \uaebc \uaed8 \uaef4 \uaf10 \uaf2c \uaf48 \uaf64
\uaf80 \uaf9c \uafb8 \uafd4 \uaff0 \ub00c \ub028 \ub044 \ub060 \ub07c \ub098 \ub0b4 \ub0d0 \ub0ec \ub108 \ub124
\ub140 \ub15c \ub178 \ub194 \ub1b0 \ub1cc \ub1e8 \ub204 \ub220 \ub23c \ub258 \ub274 \ub290 \ub2ac \ub2c8 \ub2e4
\ub300 \ub31c \ub338 \ub354 \ub370 \ub38c \ub3a8 \ub3c4 \ub3e0 \ub3fc \ub418 \ub434 \ub450 \ub46c \ub488 \ub4a4
\ub4c0 \ub4dc \ub4f8 \ub514 \ub530 \ub54c \ub568 \ub584 \ub5a0 \ub5bc \ub5d8 \ub5f4 \ub610 \ub62c \ub648 \ub664
\ub680 \ub69c \ub6b8 \ub6d4 \ub6f0 \ub70c \ub728 \ub744 \ub760 \ub77c \ub798 \ub7b4 \ub7d0 \ub7ec \ub808 \ub824
\ub840 \ub85c \ub878 \ub894 \ub8b0 \ub8cc \ub8e8 \ub904 \ub920 \ub93c \ub958 \ub974 \ub990 \ub9ac \ub9c8 \ub9e4
\uba00 \uba1c \uba38 \uba54 \uba70 \uba8c \ubaa8 \ubac4 \ubae0 \ubafc \ubb18 \ubb34 \ubb50 \ubb6c \ubb88 \ubba4
\ubbc0 \ubbdc \ubbf8 \ubc14 \ubc30 \ubc4c \ubc68 \ubc84 \ubca0 \ubcbc \ubcd8 \ubcf4 \ubd10 \ubd2c \ubd48 \ubd64
\ubd80 \ubd9c \ubdb8 \ubdd4 \ubdf0 \ube0c \ube28 \ube44 \ube60 \ube7c \ube98 \ubeb4 \ubed0 \ubeec \ubf08 \ubf24
\ubf40 \ubf5c \ubf78 \ubf94 \ubfb0 \ubfcc \ubfe8 \uc004 \uc020 \uc03c \uc058 \uc074 \uc090 \uc0ac \uc0c8 \uc0e4
\uc100 \uc11c \uc138 \uc154 \uc170 \uc18c \uc1a8 \uc1c4 \uc1e0 \uc1fc \uc218 \uc234 \uc250 \uc26c \uc288 \uc2a4
\uc2c0 \uc2dc \uc2f8 \uc314 \uc330 \uc34c \uc368 \uc384 \uc3a0 \uc3bc \uc3d8 \uc3f4 \uc410 \uc42c \uc448 \uc464
\uc480 \uc49c \uc4b8 \uc4d4 \uc4f0 \uc50c \uc528 \uc544 \uc560 \uc57c \uc598 \uc5b4 \uc5d0 \uc5ec \uc608 \uc624
\uc640 \uc65c \uc678 \uc694 \uc6b0 \uc6cc \uc6e8 \uc704 \uc720 \uc73c \uc758 \uc774 \uc790 \uc7ac \uc7c8 \uc7e4
\uc800 \uc81c \uc838 \uc854 \uc870 \uc88c \uc8a8 \uc8c4 \uc8e0 \uc8fc \uc918 \uc934 \uc950 \uc96c \uc988 \uc9a4
\uc9c0 \uc9dc \uc9f8 \uca14 \uca30 \uca4c \uca68 \uca84 \ucaa0 \ucabc \ucad8 \ucaf4 \ucb10 \ucb2c \ucb48 \ucb64
\ucb80 \ucb9c \ucbb8 \ucbd4 \ucbf0 \ucc0c \ucc28 \ucc44 \ucc60 \ucc7c \ucc98 \uccb4 \uccd0 \uccec \ucd08 \ucd24
\ucd40 \ucd5c \ucd78 \ucd94 \ucdb0 \ucdcc \ucde8 \uce04 \uce20 \uce3c \uce58 \uce74 \uce90 \uceac \ucec8 \ucee4
\ucf00 \ucf1c \ucf38 \ucf54 \ucf70 \ucf8c \ucfa8 \ucfc4 \ucfe0 \ucffc \ud018 \ud034 \ud050 \ud06c \ud088 \ud0a4
\ud0c0 \ud0dc \ud0f8 \ud114 \ud130 \ud14c \ud168 \ud184 \ud1a0 \ud1bc \ud1d8 \ud1f4 \ud210 \ud22c \ud248 \ud264
\ud280 \ud29c \ud2b8 \ud2d4 \ud2f0 \ud30c \ud328 \ud344 \ud360 \ud37c \ud398 \ud3b4 \ud3d0 \ud3ec \ud408 \ud424
\ud440 \ud45c \ud478 \ud494 \ud4b0 \ud4cc \ud4e8 \ud504 \ud520 \ud53c \ud558 \ud574 \ud590 \ud5ac \ud5c8 \ud5e4
\ud600 \ud61c \ud638 \ud654 \ud670 \ud68c \ud6a8 \ud6c4 \ud6e0 \ud6fc \ud718 \ud734 \ud750 \ud76c \ud788 ];
$LVT = [[\uac00-\ud7a3] - $LV];
$Hangul_Sequence = ((($L+ $LV?) | ($L* $LV)) $V* $T* ) | ($L* $LVT $T*);
# Thai Dictionary Related Rules
$dictionary = [\u0e01-\u0e2e \u0e30-\u0e3a \u0e40-\u0e44 \u0e47-\u0e4e]; # this rule breaks the iterator with mixed Thai and English
$paiyannoi = [\u0e2f];
$maiyamok = [\u0e46];
$thai_etc = $paiyannoi \u0e25 $paiyannoi;
$dictionary+ ($paiyannoi? $maiyamok)?;
$dictionary+ $paiyannoi / ([^\u0e25 $maiyamok $Extend] | \u0e25[^$paiyannoi $Extend]);
# Definitions for building up Letters, so that breaks will not occur
# within a single letter (Grapheme Cluster). See the character break rules.
$LineBreak = [$Ideographic $Hiragana $Katakana];
$Letter = [[[:L:] [:Sk:]] & [^$LineBreak $dictionary]];
#$MidLetter = [\u0027 \u2019 \u0029 \u00ad \u05f3 \u05f4];
$MidLetter = [\u0027 \u2019 \u003a \u0029 \u00ad \u05f3 \u05f4];
$Base = [^[:Cc:] [:Cf:] [:Cs:] [:Co:] [:Cn:] [:Zl:] [:Zp:] $Extend $Link $CGJ];
$LetterBase = [:L:];
$CGJSequence = $CGJ+ ($Base | $Hangul_Sequence);
$Join_Control = [\u200d-\u200e]; # Zero Width Joiner, Zero Width Non-Joiner
$LinkSequence = $Link+ $Extend* $Join_Control? $LetterBase;
$LetterEx = ($Letter | $Hangul_Sequence) $Extend* ((($LinkSequence | $CGJSequence) $Extend*)*);
# Numeric Definitions
# TODO: More complete handling of $Extend combining chars.
$Numeric = [:Nd:]; #TODO remove FULL WIDTH
$NumericEx = $Numeric $Extend*;
$InfixNumeric = [\u002c \u002e \u003a \u003b \u0589];
$PostfixNumeric = [\% \u00a2 \u00b0 \u2030 \u2031 \u2032-\u2037 \u20a7
\u2103 \u2109 \u2126 \ufe6a \uff05 \uffe0];
$PrefixNumeric = [[[:Sc:] \u002b \u005c \u00b1 \u2116 \u2212 \u2213 \-] - [$PostfixNumeric]];
$NumericPrefix = $PrefixNumeric $NumericEx ($InfixNumeric $NumericEx)?;
$NumericInterior = $NumericEx ($InfixNumeric? $NumericEx)*;
# The Big Rule. Gloms everything together.
$NumericPrefix? (($LetterEx ($MidLetter $LetterEx)*)? $NumericInterior?)* ($NumericInterior $PostfixNumeric)?;
# Lesser rules
($Hiragana $Extend*)*;
($Katakana $Extend*)*;
$NotControl $Extend*;
# Reverse Rules. Back up over any of the chars that can group together.
# (Reverse rules do not need to be exact; they can back up a bit too far,
# but must back up at least enough.)
! ( $Letter | $MidLetter | $Numeric | $PrefixNumeric | $Join_Control |
$CGJ | $Link | $InfixNumeric | $PostfixNumeric | $Extend |
$T | $V | $L | $LV | $LVT)*;
! ($Hiragana | $Extend)*;
! ($Katakana | $Extend)*;
! $Extend* .;
! \n\r;
! ($dictionary | $paiyannoi | $maiyamok | \u0e25)*;