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Unicode 4.0.1 update
*** related Jitterbugs
3170 RFE: Update to Unicode 4.0.1
3171 Add new Unicode 4.0.1 properties
3520 use Unicode 4.0.1 updates for break iteration
*** data files & enums & parser code
* file preparation
- ucdstrip: DerivedNormalizationProps.txt, NormalizationTest.txt, DerivedCoreProperties.txt
- ucdstrip and ucdmerge: EastAsianWidth.txt, LineBreak.txt
* file fixes
- fix UnicodeData.txt general categories of Ethiopic digits Nd->No
according to PRI #26
- undone again because no corrigendum in sight;
instead modified tests to not check consistency on this for Unicode 4.0.1
* ucdterms.txt
- update from
formatted for plain text
* uchar.h & uprops.h & uprops.c & genprops
- add UBLOCK_CYRILLIC_SUPPLEMENT because the block is renamed
- add U_LB_INSEPARABLE due to a spelling fix
+ put short name comment only on line with new constant
for genpname perl script parser
- new binary properties
+ STerm
+ Variation_Selector
* genpname
- fix genpname perl script so that it doesn't choke on more than 2 names per property value
- perl script: correctly calculate the maximum number of fields per row
* uscript.h
- new script code Hrkt=Katakana_Or_Hiragana
* gennorm.c track changes in DerivedNormalizationProps.txt
- "FNC" -> "FC_NFKC"
- single field "NFD_NO" -> two fields "NFD_QC; N" etc.
* genprops/props2.c track changes in DerivedNumericValues.txt
- changed from 3 columns to 2, dropping the numeric type
+ assume that the type is always numeric for Han characters,
and that only those are added in addition to what UnicodeData.txt lists
*** Unicode version numbers
- makedata.mak
- uchar.h
*** tests
- update test of default bidi classes according to PRI #28
- bidi tests: change exemplar character for ES depending on Unicode version
- change hardcoded expected property values where they change
*** other code
* name matching
- read UCD.html
* scripts
- use new Hrkt=Katakana_Or_Hiragana
- are now part of combining character sequences
- break iteration used to assume that LB classes did not overlap; now they do for ZWJ & ZWNJ