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* (C) Copyright IBM Corp. 1998-2003 - All Rights Reserved
* \file
* \internal
#include "LETypes.h"
#include "OpenTypeTables.h"
#include "GlyphDefinitionTables.h"
#include "GlyphPositionAdjustments.h"
struct InsertionRecord
InsertionRecord *next;
le_int32 position;
le_int32 count;
LEGlyphID glyphs[ANY_NUMBER];
class InsertionCallback
virtual le_bool applyInsertion(le_int32 atPosition, le_int32 count, LEGlyphID newGlyphs[]) = 0;
class InsertionList : public UObject
InsertionList(le_bool rightToLeft);
LEGlyphID *insert(le_int32 position, le_int32 count);
le_int32 getGrowAmount();
le_bool applyInsertions(InsertionCallback *callback);
void reset();
* ICU "poor man's RTTI", returns a UClassID for the actual class.
* @draft ICU 2.2
virtual inline UClassID getDynamicClassID() const { return getStaticClassID(); }
* ICU "poor man's RTTI", returns a UClassID for this class.
* @draft ICU 2.2
static inline UClassID getStaticClassID() { return (UClassID)&fgClassID; }
* The address of this static class variable serves as this class's ID
* for ICU "poor man's RTTI".
static const char fgClassID;
InsertionRecord *head;
InsertionRecord *tail;
le_int32 growAmount;
le_bool append;
class GlyphIterator : public UMemory, protected InsertionCallback {
GlyphIterator(LEGlyphID *&theGlyphs, GlyphPositionAdjustment *theGlyphPositionAdjustments, le_int32 *&theCharIndices, le_int32 theGlyphCount,
le_bool rightToLeft, le_uint16 theLookupFlags, LETag theFeatureTag, const LETag **&theGlyphTags,
const GlyphDefinitionTableHeader *theGlyphDefinitionTableHeader);
GlyphIterator(GlyphIterator &that);
GlyphIterator(GlyphIterator &that, LETag newFeatureTag);
GlyphIterator(GlyphIterator &that, le_uint16 newLookupFlags);
void reset(le_uint16 newLookupFlags, LETag newFeatureTag);
le_bool next(le_uint32 delta = 1);
le_bool prev(le_uint32 delta = 1);
le_bool findFeatureTag();
le_bool isRightToLeft() const;
le_bool ignoresMarks() const;
le_bool baselineIsLogicalEnd() const;
le_bool hasCursiveFirstExitPoint() const;
le_bool hasCursiveLastExitPoint() const;
LEGlyphID getCurrGlyphID() const;
le_int32 getCurrStreamPosition() const;
void getCurrGlyphPositionAdjustment(GlyphPositionAdjustment &adjustment) const;
le_int32 getMarkComponent(le_int32 markPosition) const;
le_bool findMark2Glyph();
void getCursiveLastExitPoint(LEPoint &exitPoint) const;
LEGlyphID getCursiveLastGlyphID() const;
float getCursiveBaselineAdjustment() const;
void getCursiveLastPositionAdjustment(GlyphPositionAdjustment &adjustment) const;
void setCurrGlyphID(TTGlyphID glyphID);
void setCurrStreamPosition(le_int32 position);
void setCurrGlyphPositionAdjustment(const GlyphPositionAdjustment *adjustment);
void setCurrGlyphBaseOffset(le_int32 baseOffset);
void adjustCurrGlyphPositionAdjustment(float xPlacmentAdjust, float yPlacementAdjust,
float xAdvanceAdjust, float yAdvanceAdjust);
void setCursiveFirstExitPoint();
void resetCursiveLastExitPoint();
void setCursiveLastExitPoint(LEPoint &exitPoint);
void setCursiveBaselineAdjustment(float adjustment);
void adjustCursiveLastGlyphPositionAdjustment(float xPlacmentAdjust, float yPlacementAdjust,
float xAdvanceAdjust, float yAdvanceAdjust);
LEGlyphID *insertGlyphs(le_int32 count);
le_int32 applyInsertions();
virtual le_bool applyInsertion(le_int32 atPosition, le_int32 count, LEGlyphID newGlyphs[]);
le_bool filterGlyph(le_uint32 index) const;
le_bool hasFeatureTag() const;
le_bool nextInternal(le_uint32 delta = 1);
le_bool prevInternal(le_uint32 delta = 1);
le_int32 direction;
le_int32 position;
le_int32 nextLimit;
le_int32 prevLimit;
le_int32 cursiveFirstPosition;
le_int32 cursiveLastPosition;
float cursiveBaselineAdjustment;
LEPoint cursiveLastExitPoint;
LEGlyphID **glyphsRef;
LEGlyphID *glyphs;
GlyphPositionAdjustment *glyphPositionAdjustments;
le_int32 **charIndicesRef;
le_int32 *charIndices;
le_int32 glyphCount;
InsertionList *insertionList;
le_bool ownInsertionList;
le_int32 srcIndex;
le_int32 destIndex;
le_uint16 lookupFlags;
LETag featureTag;
const LETag ***glyphTagsRef;
const LETag **glyphTags;
const GlyphClassDefinitionTable *glyphClassDefinitionTable;
const MarkAttachClassDefinitionTable *markAttachClassDefinitionTable;
GlyphIterator &operator=(const GlyphIterator &other); // forbid copying of this class