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* Copyright (c) 2000, International Business Machines
* Corporation and others. All Rights Reserved.
* Date Name Description
* 02/04/00 aliu Creation.
#ifndef SYMTABLE_H
#define SYMTABLE_H
class ParsePosition;
class UnicodeSet;
class UnicodeString;
* An interface that maps strings to objects. This interface defines
* both lookup protocol and parsing. This allows different components
* to share a symbol table and to handle name parsing uniformly. It
* is expected that client parse code look for the SYMBOL_REF
* character and, when seen, attempt to parse the characters after it
* using parseReference().
* <p>Currently, RuleBasedTransliterator and UnicodeSet use this
* interface to share variable definitions.
class SymbolTable {
* The character preceding a symbol reference name.
enum { SYMBOL_REF = 0x0024 /*$*/ };
* Lookup the characters associated with this string and return it.
* Return <tt>NULL</tt> if no such name exists. The resultant
* string may have length zero.
virtual const UnicodeString* lookup(const UnicodeString& s) const = 0;
* Lookup the UnicodeSet associated with the given character, and
* return it. Return <tt>null</tt> if not found.
virtual const UnicodeSet* lookupSet(UChar32 ch) const = 0;
* Parse a symbol reference name from the given string, starting
* at the given position. If no valid symbol reference name is
* found, return an empty string.
* @param text the text to parse for the name
* @param pos on entry, the index of the first character to parse.
* This is the character following the SYMBOL_REF character. On
* exit, the index after the last parsed character.
* @param limit the index after the last character to be parsed.
* @return the parsed name or an empty string.
virtual UnicodeString parseReference(const UnicodeString& text,
ParsePosition& pos, int32_t limit) const = 0;