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* Copyright (C) 2001, International Business Machines
* Corporation and others. All Rights Reserved.
* FILE NAME : ustream.h
* Modification History:
* Date Name Description
* 06/25/2001 grhoten Move iostream from unistr.h
#ifndef USTREAM_H
#define USTREAM_H
#include "unicode/unistr.h"
// for unistrm.h
* Write the contents of a UnicodeString to an ostream. This functions writes
* the characters in a UnicodeString to an ostream. The UChars in the
* UnicodeString are truncated to char, leading to undefined results with
* anything not in the Latin1 character set.
* @deprecated This will move to the unsupported ustdio library after 2002-feb-01
#if U_IOSTREAM_SOURCE >= 199711
#include <iostream>
U_USTDIO_API std::ostream &operator<<(std::ostream& stream, const UnicodeString& s);
#elif U_IOSTREAM_SOURCE >= 198506
#include <iostream.h>
U_USTDIO_API ostream &operator<<(ostream& stream, const UnicodeString& s);
/* TODO: We should add the operator<< for UChar* and UDate. Also add the operator>>. */