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* Copyright (C) 2000-2001, International Business Machines
* Corporation and others. All Rights Reserved.
* file name: ucol_elm.h
* encoding: US-ASCII
* tab size: 8 (not used)
* indentation:4
* created 02/22/2001
* created by: Vladimir Weinstein
* This program reads the Franctional UCA table and generates
* internal format for UCA table as well as inverse UCA table.
* It then writes binary files containing the data: ucadata.dat
* & invuca.dat
#include "ucol_cnt.h"
#include <stdio.h>
#include "unicode/utypes.h"
#include "ucol_imp.h"
#include "cmemory.h"
typedef struct {
uint32_t *CEs;
int32_t position;
int32_t size;
} ExpansionTable;
typedef struct {
UChar uchars[128];
UChar *cPoints;
int32_t cSize; /* Number of characters in sequence - for contraction */
int32_t noOfCEs; /* Number of collation elements */
uint32_t CEs[128]; /* These are collation elements - there could be more than one - in case of expansion */
uint32_t mapCE; /* This is the value element maps in original table */
int32_t sizePrim[128];
int32_t sizeSec[128];
int32_t sizeTer[128];
UBool variableTop;
UBool caseBit;
UBool isThai;
} UCAElements;
typedef struct {
uint32_t *endExpansionCE;
uint8_t *expansionCESize;
int position;
int size;
} MaxExpansionTable;
typedef struct {
CompactIntArray *mapping;
ExpansionTable *expansions;
struct CntTable *contractions;
UCATableHeader *image;
MaxExpansionTable *maxExpansions;
uint8_t *unsafeCP;
const UCollator *UCA;
} tempUCATable;
U_CAPI tempUCATable * U_EXPORT2 uprv_uca_initTempTable(UCATableHeader *image, const UCollator *UCA, UErrorCode *status);
U_CAPI void U_EXPORT2 uprv_uca_closeTempTable(tempUCATable *t);
U_CAPI uint32_t U_EXPORT2 uprv_uca_addAnElement(tempUCATable *t, UCAElements *element, UErrorCode *status);
U_CAPI UCATableHeader U_EXPORT2 *uprv_uca_assembleTable(tempUCATable *t, UErrorCode *status);
uint32_t uprv_uca_processContraction(CntTable *contractions, UCAElements *element, uint32_t existingCE, UBool forward, UErrorCode *status);
int32_t uprv_uca_addExpansion(ExpansionTable *expansions, uint32_t value, UErrorCode *status);
void uprv_uca_reverseElement(ExpansionTable *expansions, UCAElements *el);
#define paddedsize(something) ((something)+((((something)%4)!=0)?(4-(something)%4):0))