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* Copyright (c) 1997-1999, International Business Machines Corporation and
* others. All Rights Reserved.
* Madhu Katragadda Creation
* Modification History:
* Date Name Description
* 07/13/99 helena HPUX 11 CC port.
The main root for C API tests
#ifndef _CINTLTST
#define _CINTLTST
#include "unicode/utypes.h"
#include "unicode/ctest.h"
U_CFUNC void addAllTests(TestNode** root);
*complete a relative path to a full pathname, and convert to platform-specific syntax.
* The character seperating directories for the relative path is '|'.
* @fullname the full path name
* @maxsize the maximum size of the string
* @relPath the relative path name
U_CFUNC void ctest_pathnameInContext(char* fullname, int32_t maxsize, const char* relPath ) ;
*Fetches the current path name of the test directory
*returns the path of the test directory
U_CFUNC const char* ctest_getTestDirectory(void);
* sets the path of the test directory
* @param newDir the test directory to be set
U_CFUNC void ctest_setTestDirectory(const char* newDir);
* Convert a const UChar* into a char*
* Caller owns storage, but in practice this function
* LEAKS so be aware of that.
* @param unichars UChars (null terminated) to be converted
* @return new char* to the unichars in host format
U_CFUNC char *austrdup(const UChar* unichars);
* function used to specify the error
* converts the errorcode to an error descriptive string(const char*)
* @param status the error code
#define myErrorName(errorCode) u_errorName(errorCode)