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* Copyright (C) 1998-1999, International Business Machines
* Corporation and others. All Rights Reserved.
* File uscanf.h
* Modification History:
* Date Name Description
* 12/02/98 stephen Creation.
* 03/13/99 stephen Modified for new C API.
#ifndef USCANF_H
#define USCANF_H
#include "unicode/ustdio.h"
#include "ufmt_cmn.h"
* Struct encapsulating a single uscanf format specification.
struct u_scanf_spec_info {
UChar fSpec; /* Format specification */
int32_t fWidth; /* Width */
UChar fPadChar; /* Padding character */
bool_t fIsLongDouble; /* L flag */
bool_t fIsShort; /* h flag */
bool_t fIsLong; /* l flag */
bool_t fIsLongLong; /* ll flag */
typedef struct u_scanf_spec_info u_scanf_spec_info;
* A u_scanf info function.
* A u_scanf info is reponsible for reporting to u_scanf how many
* arguments are required for the <TT>u_scanf_spec_info</TT> <TT>info</TT>,
* and what their types are.
* @param info A pointer to a <TT>uscan_info</TT> struct containing
* information on the format specification.
* @param argtypes The array to receive the types of arguments specified
* by <TT>info</TT>.
* @param n The number of available slots in the array <TT>argtypes</TT>
* @return The number of arguments required by <TT>info</TT>.
typedef int32_t (*u_scanf_info) (const u_scanf_spec_info *info,
int32_t *argtypes,
int32_t n);
* A u_scanf handler function.
* A u_scanf handler is responsible for handling a single u_scanf
* format specification, for example 'd' or 's'.
* @param stream The UFILE to which to write output.
* @param info A pointer to a <TT>u_scanf_spec_info</TT> struct containing
* information on the format specification.
* @param args A pointer to the argument data
* @param fmt A pointer to the first character in the format string
* following the spec.
* @param consumed On output, set to the number of characters consumed
* in <TT>fmt</TT>.
* @return The number of arguments converted and assigned, or -1 if an
* error occurred.
typedef int32_t (*u_scanf_handler) (UFILE *stream,
const u_scanf_spec_info *info,
ufmt_args *args,
const UChar *fmt,
int32_t *consumed);
* Register a u_scanf handler function with u_scanf.
* @param spec The format specififier handled by the handler <TT>func</TT>.
* @param nfo A pointer to the <TT>u_scanf_info</TT> function used
* to determine how many arguments are required for <TT>spec</TT>, and
* what their types are.
* @param handler A pointer to the <TT>u_scanf_handler</TT> function.
* @return 0 if successful
u_scanf_register_handler (UChar spec,
u_scanf_info info,
u_scanf_handler handler);