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# ***************************************************************************
# *
# * Copyright (C) 2004-2015, International Business Machines
# * Corporation; Unicode, Inc.; and others. All Rights Reserved.
# *
# ***************************************************************************
# File: tlh_tlh_FONIPA.txt
# Generated from CLDR
tlh t\u0361ɬ;
aw aʊ\u032F; # similar to English ‹cow›
ew ɛʊ\u032F; # does not exist in English
Iw ɪʊ\u032F; # des not exist English
ay aɪ\u032F; # similar to English ‹why›
ey eɪ\u032F; # similar to English ‹may›
Iy ɪː; # KLI says like English ‹key›, which is not a diphthong
oy oɪ\u032F; # KLI says English ‹boy›, which would be [ɔɪ\u032F], but ‹o› is [o]
uy uɪ\u032F; # similar to English ‹gooey› but in on syllable
ch t\u0361ʃ;
gh ɣ;
ng ŋ;
p pʰ;
t tʰ;
q qʰ;
\' ʔ;
b b;
D ɖ;
Q q\u0361χ;
j d\u0361ʒ;
S ʂ;
H x;
v v;
m m;
n n;
r r;
w w;
l l;
y j;
a ɑ;
e ɛ;
I ɪ;
o o;
u u;
\- ;