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# * Copyright (C) 1998-2010, International Business Machines
# * Corporation and others. All Rights Reserved.
# A list of txt's to build
# Note:
# If you are thinking of modifying this file, READ THIS.
# Instead of changing this file [unless you want to check it back in],
# you should consider creating a '' file in this same directory.
# Then, you can have your local changes remain even if you upgrade or
# reconfigure ICU.
# Example '' files:
# * To add an additional locale to the list:
# _____________________________________________________
# | ZONE_SOURCE_LOCAL = myLocale.txt ...
# * To REPLACE the default list and only build with a few
# locales:
# _____________________________________________________
# | ZONE_SOURCE = ar.txt ar_AE.txt en.txt de.txt zh.txt
# Generated by LDML2ICUConverter, from LDML source files.
# Aliases without a corresponding xx.xml file (see icu-config.xml & build.xml)
ZONE_SYNTHETIC_ALIAS = en_RH.txt he_IL.txt id_ID.txt in_ID.txt\
iw_IL.txt ja_JP.txt ja_JP_TRADITIONAL.txt nb_NO.txt nn_NO.txt\
no_NO.txt no_NO_NY.txt th_TH.txt th_TH_TRADITIONAL.txt
# All aliases (to not be included under 'installed'), but not including root.
ZONE_ALIAS_SOURCE = $(ZONE_SYNTHETIC_ALIAS) az_AZ.txt ha_GH.txt ha_NE.txt ha_NG.txt\
in.txt iw.txt kk_KZ.txt mo.txt no.txt\
pa_IN.txt pa_PK.txt sh.txt sh_BA.txt sh_CS.txt\
sh_YU.txt shi_MA.txt sr_BA.txt sr_CS.txt sr_Cyrl_CS.txt\
sr_Cyrl_YU.txt sr_Latn_CS.txt sr_Latn_YU.txt sr_ME.txt sr_RS.txt\
sr_YU.txt tl.txt tl_PH.txt tzm_MA.txt uz_AF.txt\
uz_UZ.txt zh_CN.txt zh_HK.txt zh_MO.txt zh_SG.txt\
# Ordinary resources
ZONE_SOURCE = af.txt ak.txt am.txt ar.txt\
as.txt asa.txt az.txt az_Cyrl.txt az_Latn.txt\
az_Latn_AZ.txt be.txt bem.txt bez.txt bg.txt\
bm.txt bn.txt bo.txt bs.txt ca.txt\
cgg.txt chr.txt cs.txt cy.txt da.txt\
dav.txt de.txt ebu.txt ee.txt el.txt\
en.txt en_AU.txt en_CA.txt en_GB.txt en_NZ.txt\
en_ZA.txt en_ZW.txt eo.txt es.txt et.txt\
eu.txt fa.txt ff.txt fi.txt fil.txt\
fil_PH.txt fo.txt fr.txt fr_CA.txt ga.txt\
gl.txt gsw.txt gu.txt guz.txt gv.txt\
ha.txt ha_Latn.txt ha_Latn_GH.txt ha_Latn_NE.txt ha_Latn_NG.txt\
haw.txt he.txt hi.txt hr.txt hu.txt\
hy.txt id.txt ig.txt ii.txt is.txt\
it.txt ja.txt jmc.txt ka.txt kab.txt\
kam.txt kde.txt kea.txt khq.txt ki.txt\
kk.txt kk_Cyrl.txt kk_Cyrl_KZ.txt kl.txt kln.txt\
km.txt kn.txt ko.txt kok.txt kw.txt\
lag.txt lg.txt lt.txt luo.txt luy.txt\
lv.txt mas.txt mer.txt mfe.txt mg.txt\
mk.txt ml.txt mr.txt ms.txt mt.txt\
my.txt naq.txt nb.txt nd.txt ne.txt\
nl.txt nn.txt nyn.txt om.txt or.txt\
pa.txt pa_Arab.txt pa_Arab_PK.txt pa_Guru.txt pa_Guru_IN.txt\
pl.txt ps.txt pt.txt pt_PT.txt rm.txt\
ro.txt ro_MD.txt rof.txt ru.txt rw.txt\
rwk.txt saq.txt seh.txt ses.txt sg.txt\
shi.txt shi_Latn.txt shi_Latn_MA.txt shi_Tfng.txt si.txt\
sk.txt sl.txt sn.txt so.txt sq.txt\
sr.txt sr_Cyrl.txt sr_Cyrl_BA.txt sr_Cyrl_RS.txt sr_Latn.txt\
sr_Latn_BA.txt sr_Latn_ME.txt sr_Latn_RS.txt sv.txt sw.txt\
ta.txt te.txt teo.txt th.txt ti.txt\
to.txt tr.txt tzm.txt tzm_Latn.txt tzm_Latn_MA.txt\
uk.txt ur.txt uz.txt uz_Arab.txt uz_Arab_AF.txt\
uz_Cyrl.txt uz_Cyrl_UZ.txt uz_Latn.txt vi.txt vun.txt\
xog.txt yo.txt zh.txt zh_Hans.txt zh_Hans_CN.txt\
zh_Hans_SG.txt zh_Hant.txt zh_Hant_HK.txt zh_Hant_MO.txt zh_Hant_TW.txt\