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// © 2017 and later: Unicode, Inc. and others.
// License & terms of use:
* Copyright (C) 2003, International Business Machines
* Corporation and others. All Rights Reserved.
* File line.h
* Modification History:
* Date Name Description
* 07/07/2003 weiv Creation.
// class Line
// Each line from the source file (containing a name, presumably) gets
// one of these structs.
#include "colprobe.h"
#include "line.h"
#include "unicode/uniset.h"
#include "unicode/usetiter.h"
class StrengthProbe {
UChar SE;
UChar B0;
UChar B1;
UChar B2;
UChar B3;
Line utilFirst;
Line utilSecond;
Line *utilFirstP;
Line *utilSecondP;
Line contractionUtilFirst;
Line contractionUtilSecond;
UBool probePrefix(const Line &x, const Line &y, UChar first, UChar second);
UBool probeSuffix(const Line &x, const Line &y, UChar first, UChar second);
UBool probePrefixNoSep(const Line &x, const Line &y, UChar first, UChar second);
UBool probeSuffixNoSep(const Line &x, const Line &y, UChar first, UChar second);
UBool frenchSecondary;
CompareFn comparer;
GetSortKeyFn skgetter;
StrengthProbe() {};
StrengthProbe(CompareFn comparer, GetSortKeyFn getter, UChar SE = 0x0030, UChar B0 = 0x0061, UChar B1 = 0x0062, UChar B2 = 0x00E1, UChar B3 = 0x0041); //, UChar LB = 0x0039, UChar UB = 0xfa29);
int setProbeChars(UChar B0, UChar B1, UChar B2, UChar B3);
int checkSanity();
StrengthProbe(const StrengthProbe &that);
StrengthProbe &operator=(const StrengthProbe &that);
UColAttributeValue getStrength(const Line &x, const Line &y);
UColAttributeValue getStrength(const UnicodeString &x, const UnicodeString &y);
UColAttributeValue getPrefixedStrength(const Line &prefix, const Line &x, const Line &y);
int32_t compare(const UnicodeString &x, const UnicodeString &y);
int32_t compare(const Line &x, const Line &y);
UColAttributeValue distanceFromEmptyString(const Line &x);
UColAttributeValue distanceFromEmptyString(const UnicodeString &x);
UBool isFrenchSecondary(UErrorCode &status);
UBool isUpperFirst(UErrorCode &status);
int getSortKey(const Line &l, uint8_t *buffer, int32_t buffCap) {
return skgetter(, l.len, buffer, buffCap);
int getSortKey(UChar *string, int32_t sLen, uint8_t *buffer, int32_t buffCap) {
return skgetter(string, sLen, buffer, buffCap);