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## Copyright (C) 2016 and later: Unicode, Inc. and others.
## License & terms of use:
## Copyright (c) 2002-2010, International Business Machines Corporation
## and others. All Rights Reserved.
This directory contains sample code using ICU4C routines. Below is a
short description of the contents of this directory.
break - demonstrates how to use BreakIterators in C and C++.
cal - prints out a calendar.
case - demonstrates how to do Unicode case conversion in C and C++.
coll - shows how collation compares strings
csdet - demonstrates using ICU's CharSet Detection API
date - prints out the current date, localized.
datecal - demonstrates how a calendar object provides information
datefmt - an exercise using the date formatting API
dtitvfmtsample - shows how date interval format uses predefined skeletons
dtptngsample - uses DateTimePatternGenerator to create customized date/time pattern
layout - demonstrates the ICU LayoutEngine (obsolete)
legacy - demonstrates using two versions of ICU in one application (obsolete)
msgfmt - demonstrates the use of the Message Format
numfmt - demonstrates the use of the number format
plurfmtsample - uses PluralFormat and Messageformat to get Plural Form
props - demonstrates the use of Unicode properties
strsrch - demonstrates how to search for patterns in Unicode text using the usearch interface.
translit - demonstrates the use of ICU transliteration
uciter8 - demonstrates how to leniently read 8-bit Unicode text.
ucnv - demonstrates the use of ICU codepage conversion
udata - demonstrates the use of ICU low level data routines (reader/writer in 'all' MSVC solution)
ufortune - demonstrates packaging and use of resources in an application
ugrep - demonstrates ICU Regular Expressions.
uresb - demonstrates building and loading resource bundles
ustring - demonstrates ICU string manipulation functions
* Where can I find more sample code?
- The "uconv" utility is a full-featured command line application.
It is normally built with ICU, and is located in icu/source/extra/uconv
- The "icu-demos" contains other applications and libraries not
included with ICU. You can check it out from
using github clone. See the README file for additional information.
* How do I build the samples?
- See the Readme in each subdirectory
To build all samples at once:
Windows MSVC:
- build ICU
- open 'all' project file in 'all' subdirectory
- build project
- sample executables will be located in /x86/Debug folders of each sample subdirectory
Unix: - build and install (make install) ICU
- be sure 'icu-config' is accessible from the PATH
- type 'make all-samples' from this directory
(other targets: clean-samples, check-samples)
Note: 'make all-samples' won't work correctly in out of source builds.
Note that legacy and layout are obsolete samples that may not compile or run without
adjustments to their makefiles.