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* Copyright (C) 2004-2010, International Business Machines
* Corporation and others. All Rights Reserved.
#ifndef ULOCIMP_H
#define ULOCIMP_H
#include "unicode/uloc.h"
* Create an iterator over the specified keywords list
* @param keywordList double-null terminated list. Will be copied.
* @param keywordListSize size in bytes of keywordList
* @param status err code
* @return enumeration (owned by caller) of the keyword list.
* @internal ICU 3.0
U_CAPI UEnumeration* U_EXPORT2
uloc_openKeywordList(const char *keywordList, int32_t keywordListSize, UErrorCode* status);
* Look up a resource bundle table item with fallback on the table level.
* This is accessible so it can be called by C++ code.
U_CAPI const UChar * U_EXPORT2
const char *path,
const char *locale,
const char *tableKey,
const char *subTableKey,
const char *itemKey,
int32_t *pLength,
UErrorCode *pErrorCode);
/*returns TRUE if a is an ID separator FALSE otherwise*/
#define _isIDSeparator(a) (a == '_' || a == '-')
U_CFUNC const char*
uloc_getCurrentCountryID(const char* oldID);
U_CFUNC const char*
uloc_getCurrentLanguageID(const char* oldID);
U_CFUNC int32_t
ulocimp_getLanguage(const char *localeID,
char *language, int32_t languageCapacity,
const char **pEnd);
U_CFUNC int32_t
ulocimp_getScript(const char *localeID,
char *script, int32_t scriptCapacity,
const char **pEnd);
U_CFUNC int32_t
ulocimp_getCountry(const char *localeID,
char *country, int32_t countryCapacity,
const char **pEnd);
U_CAPI const char * U_EXPORT2
locale_getKeywordsStart(const char *localeID);