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* Copyright (C) 2000-2011, International Business Machines
* Corporation and others. All Rights Reserved.
* file name: ucol_data.h
* encoding: US-ASCII
* tab size: 8 (not used)
* indentation:4
* created on: 2011jul02
* created by: Markus Scherer
* Private implementation header for C/C++ collation.
* Some file data structure definitions were moved here from i18n/ucol_imp.h
* so that the common library (via ucol_swp.cpp) need not depend on the i18n library at all.
* We do not want to move the collation swapper to the i18n library because
* a) the resource bundle swapper depends on it and would have to move too, and
* b) we might want to eventually implement runtime data swapping,
* which might (or might not) be easier if all swappers are in the common library.
#ifndef __UCOL_DATA_H__
#define __UCOL_DATA_H__
#include "unicode/utypes.h"
/* let us know whether reserved fields are reset to zero or junked */
#define UCOL_HEADER_MAGIC 0x20030618
typedef struct {
int32_t size;
/* all the offsets are in bytes */
/* to get the address add to the header address and cast properly */
uint32_t options; /* these are the default options for the collator */
uint32_t UCAConsts; /* structure which holds values for indirect positioning and implicit ranges */
uint32_t contractionUCACombos; /* this one is needed only for UCA, to copy the appropriate contractions */
uint32_t magic; /* magic number - lets us know whether reserved data is reset or junked */
uint32_t mappingPosition; /* const uint8_t *mappingPosition; */
uint32_t expansion; /* uint32_t *expansion; */
uint32_t contractionIndex; /* UChar *contractionIndex; */
uint32_t contractionCEs; /* uint32_t *contractionCEs; */
uint32_t contractionSize; /* needed for various closures */
/*int32_t latinOneMapping;*/ /* this is now handled in the trie itself *//* fast track to latin1 chars */
uint32_t endExpansionCE; /* array of last collation element in
expansion */
uint32_t expansionCESize; /* array of maximum expansion size
corresponding to the expansion
collation elements with last element
in endExpansionCE*/
int32_t endExpansionCECount; /* size of endExpansionCE */
uint32_t unsafeCP; /* hash table of unsafe code points */
uint32_t contrEndCP; /* hash table of final code points */
/* in contractions. */
int32_t contractionUCACombosSize; /* number of UCA contraction items. */
/*Length is contractionUCACombosSize*contractionUCACombosWidth*sizeof(UChar) */
UBool jamoSpecial; /* is jamoSpecial */
UBool isBigEndian; /* is this data big endian? from the UDataInfo header*/
uint8_t charSetFamily; /* what is the charset family of this data from the UDataInfo header*/
uint8_t contractionUCACombosWidth; /* width of UCA combos field */
UVersionInfo version;
UVersionInfo UCAVersion; /* version of the UCA, read from file */
UVersionInfo UCDVersion; /* UCD version, obtained by u_getUnicodeVersion */
UVersionInfo formatVersion; /* format version from the UDataInfo header */
uint32_t scriptToLeadByte; /* offset to script to lead collation byte mapping data */
uint32_t leadByteToScript; /* offset to lead collation byte to script mapping data */
uint8_t reserved[76]; /* for future use */
} UCATableHeader;
typedef struct {
uint32_t byteSize;
uint32_t tableSize;
uint32_t contsSize;
uint32_t table;
uint32_t conts;
UVersionInfo UCAVersion; /* version of the UCA, read from file */
uint8_t padding[8];
} InverseUCATableHeader;
#endif /* __UCOL_DATA_H__ */