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# Copyright (C) 2017 and later: Unicode, Inc. and others.
# License & terms of use:
# Copyright (c) 2009-2010 IBM Corp. and Others. All Rights Reserved
NOTE: For information about the 'Provider' feature, see proj/provider/readme.txt
This directory contains pieces of the 'MultiIcu' feature, which contains
scripts for building multiple versions of ICU at the same time, and running
various pieces of code against it.
Note, if you copy one of these projects outside the multi/ directory,
you must ensure that the 'MULTIICU_ROOT' variable in build scripts points
to the top level directory here, 'multi/'.
multi/ ( You are Here )
multi/packages/ .tgz and .jar files for C and J respectively
(see the readme in that directory)
multi/c/ Scripts for building against ICU4C
multi/c/patch/ Patches for building old ICU versions
multi/common/ Common makefiles
multi/j/ Scripts for building against ICU4J
multi/tmp/ Temporary directory, contains intermediate builds
multi/tmp/src/ Unpacked and patched source
multi/tmp/build/ Built ICUs
multi/tmp/inst/ Installed ICUs
multi/proj/ Contains various projects which make use of multi-icu.
(See individual readmes under each project.)
multi/proj/chello/ C "hello world" against multiple ICUs
multi/proj/jhello/ J "hello world" against multiple ICUs
1. Copy some ICU source files into multi/packages/
2. in "multi/c" run "make iicus" - this will take a while.
3.To verify the ICU build, in "multi/proj/chello", run "make check".
You should see output like this:
out/3_8_1.txt: ICU 3.8.1
out/4_2_0_1.txt: ICU 4.2
out/4_4_1.txt: ICU 4.4.1
4. The 'Provider' project is more complex. To see its information, see
the readme in that directory.