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#! /usr/bin/python -B
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Copyright (C) 2016 and later: Unicode, Inc. and others.
# License & terms of use:
# Copyright (C) 2011-2014, International Business Machines
# Corporation and others. All Rights Reserved.
# file name:
# created on: 2011may26
"""Reader module for dependency data for the ICU dependency tester.
Reads dependencies.txt and makes the data available.
files: Set of "library/filename.o" files mentioned in the dependencies file.
items: Map from library or group names to item maps.
Each item has a "type" ("library" or "group" or "system_symbols").
A library or group item can have an optional set of "files" (as in the files attribute).
Each item can have an optional set of "deps" (libraries & groups).
A group item also has a "library" name unless it is a group of system symbols.
The one "system_symbols" item and its groups have sets of "system_symbols"
with standard-library system symbol names.
libraries: Set of library names mentioned in the dependencies file.
file_to_item: Map from a symbol (ushoe.o) to library or group (shoesize)
__author__ = "Markus W. Scherer"
# TODO: Support binary items.
# .txt syntax: binary: tools/genrb
# item contents: {"type": "binary"} with optional files & deps
# A binary must not be used as a dependency for anything else.
import sys
files = set()
items = {}
libraries = set()
file_to_item = {}
_line_number = 0
_groups_to_be_defined = set()
def _CheckLibraryName(name):
global _line_number
if not name:
sys.exit("Error:%d: \"library: \" without name" % _line_number)
if name.endswith(".o"):
sys.exit("Error:%d: invalid library name %s" % (_line_number, name))
def _CheckGroupName(name):
global _line_number
if not name:
sys.exit("Error:%d: \"group: \" without name" % _line_number)
if "/" in name or name.endswith(".o"):
sys.exit("Error:%d: invalid group name %s" % (_line_number, name))
def _CheckFileName(name):
global _line_number
if "/" in name or not name.endswith(".o"):
sys.exit("Error:%d: invalid file name %s" % (_line_number, name))
def _RemoveComment(line):
global _line_number
_line_number = _line_number + 1
index = line.find("#") # Remove trailing comment.
if index >= 0: line = line[:index]
return line.rstrip() # Remove trailing newlines etc.
def _ReadLine(f):
while True:
line = _RemoveComment(next(f))
if line: return line
def _ReadFiles(deps_file, item, library_name):
global files
item_files = item.get("files")
while True:
line = _ReadLine(deps_file)
if not line: continue
if not line.startswith(" "): return line
if item_files == None: item_files = item["files"] = set()
for file_name in line.split():
file_name = library_name + "/" + file_name
if file_name in files:
sys.exit("Error:%d: file %s listed in multiple groups" % (_line_number, file_name))
file_to_item[file_name] = item["name"]
def _IsLibrary(item): return item and item["type"] == "library"
def _IsLibraryGroup(item): return item and "library" in item
def _ReadDeps(deps_file, item, library_name):
global items, _line_number, _groups_to_be_defined
item_deps = item.get("deps")
while True:
line = _ReadLine(deps_file)
if not line: continue
if not line.startswith(" "): return line
if item_deps == None: item_deps = item["deps"] = set()
for dep in line.split():
dep_item = items.get(dep)
if item["type"] == "system_symbols" and (_IsLibraryGroup(dep_item) or _IsLibrary(dep_item)):
sys.exit(("Error:%d: system_symbols depend on previously defined " +
"library or library group %s") % (_line_number, dep))
if dep_item == None:
# Add this dependency as a new group.
items[dep] = {"type": "group"}
if library_name: items[dep]["library"] = library_name
def _AddSystemSymbol(item, symbol):
exports = item.get("system_symbols")
if exports == None: exports = item["system_symbols"] = set()
def _ReadSystemSymbols(deps_file, item):
global _line_number
while True:
line = _ReadLine(deps_file)
if not line: continue
if not line.startswith(" "): return line
line = line.lstrip()
if '"' in line:
# One double-quote-enclosed symbol on the line, allows spaces in a symbol name.
symbol = line[1:-1]
if line.startswith('"') and line.endswith('"') and '"' not in symbol:
_AddSystemSymbol(item, symbol)
sys.exit("Error:%d: invalid quoted symbol name %s" % (_line_number, line))
# One or more space-separate symbols.
for symbol in line.split(): _AddSystemSymbol(item, symbol)
def Load():
"""Reads "dependencies.txt" and populates the module attributes."""
global items, libraries, _line_number, _groups_to_be_defined
deps_file = open("dependencies.txt")
line = None
current_type = None
while True:
while not line: line = _RemoveComment(next(deps_file))
if line.startswith("library: "):
current_type = "library"
name = line[9:].lstrip()
if name in items:
sys.exit("Error:%d: library definition using duplicate name %s" % (_line_number, name))
item = items[name] = {"type": "library", "name": name}
line = _ReadFiles(deps_file, item, name)
elif line.startswith("group: "):
current_type = "group"
name = line[7:].lstrip()
if name not in items:
sys.exit("Error:%d: group %s defined before mentioned as a dependency" %
(_line_number, name))
if name not in _groups_to_be_defined:
sys.exit("Error:%d: group definition using duplicate name %s" % (_line_number, name))
item = items[name]
item["name"] = name
library_name = item.get("library")
if library_name:
line = _ReadFiles(deps_file, item, library_name)
line = _ReadSystemSymbols(deps_file, item)
elif line == " deps":
if current_type == "library":
line = _ReadDeps(deps_file, items[name], name)
elif current_type == "group":
item = items[name]
line = _ReadDeps(deps_file, item, item.get("library"))
elif current_type == "system_symbols":
item = items[current_type]
line = _ReadDeps(deps_file, item, None)
sys.exit("Error:%d: deps before any library or group" % _line_number)
elif line == "system_symbols:":
current_type = "system_symbols"
if current_type in items:
sys.exit("Error:%d: duplicate entry for system_symbols" % _line_number)
item = items[current_type] = {"type": current_type, "name": current_type}
line = _ReadSystemSymbols(deps_file, item)
sys.exit("Syntax error:%d: %s" % (_line_number, line))
except StopIteration:
if _groups_to_be_defined:
sys.exit("Error: some groups mentioned in dependencies are undefined: %s" % _groups_to_be_defined)