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# Copyright (C) 2016 and later: Unicode, Inc. and others.
# License & terms of use:
#* Copyright (C) 1999-2015, International Business Machines Corporation
#* and others. All Rights Reserved.
# 03/19/2001 weiv, schererm Created
.SUFFIXES : .res .txt
ALL : "$(TESTDATAOUT)\testdata.dat"
@echo Test data is built.
# old_l_testtypes.res is there for cintltst/udatatst.c/TestSwapData()
# I generated it with an ICU 4.2.1 build on Linux after removing
# testincludeUTF (which would make it large, unnecessarily for this test)
# and renaming the collations element to avoid build CollationElements
# (which will not work with a newer swapper)
# markus 2010jan15
# old_e_testtypes.res is the same, but icuswapped to big-endian EBCDIC
@if not exist "$(TESTDATAOUT)\$(NULL)" mkdir "$(TESTDATAOUT)"
@if not exist "$(TESTDATABLD)\$(NULL)" mkdir "$(TESTDATABLD)"
@if not exist "$(TESTDATATMP)\$(NULL)" mkdir "$(TESTDATATMP)"
"$(TESTDATAOUT)\testdata.dat" :
@echo Building test data
set PYTHONPATH=$(ICUP)\source\python;%PYTHONPATH%
py -3 -B -m icutools.databuilder \
--mode windows-exec \
--tool_dir "$(ICUTOOLS)" \
--tool_cfg "$(CFG)" \
--src_dir "$(TESTDATA)" \
--tmp_dir "$(TESTDATATMP)" \
--out_dir "$(TESTDATABLD)"
"$(ICUPBIN)\pkgdata" -f -v -m common -c -p"$(TESTPKG)" -d "$(TESTDATAOUT)" -T "$(TESTDATABLD)" -s "$(TESTDATABLD)" $(TESTDATATMP)\testdata.lst