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<!DOCTYPE project [
<!ENTITY icu-config SYSTEM "./icu-config.xml">
<!ENTITY icu-locale-deprecates SYSTEM "./icu-locale-deprecates.xml">
<!ENTITY icu-coll-deprecates SYSTEM "./icu-coll-deprecates.xml">
<!ENTITY icu-rbnf-deprecates SYSTEM "./icu-rbnf-deprecates.xml">
* Copyright (C) 2016 and later: Unicode, Inc. and others.
* License & terms of use:
* Copyright (C) 2005-2015, International Business Machines Corporation and *
* others. All Rights Reserved. *
<project name="icu-build" default="all" basedir=".">
<target name="init">
<!-- Load environment variables -->
<property environment="env"/>
<!-- Ant won't set properties that have already been set, so environment variables that have been set before won't be clobbered. -->
<property name="env.ICU4C_DIR" location="../.."/>
<condition property="is.cldr.dir.set" >
<isset property="env.CLDR_DIR" />
</condition >
<fail unless="is.cldr.dir.set" message="Please set the CLDR_DIR environment variable to the top level CLDR source dir (containing 'common')."/>
<available property="cldrtools.dir" value="${env.CLDR_DIR}/cldr-tools" file="${env.CLDR_DIR}/cldr-tools" type="dir"/>
<available property="cldrtools.dir" value="${env.CLDR_DIR}/tools" file="${env.CLDR_DIR}/tools" type="dir"/>
<fail unless="cldrtools.dir" message="Please make sure that the CLDR tools directory is checked out into CLDR_DIR"/>
<available property="env.CLDR_CLASSES" value="${cldrtools.dir}/cldr-code/target/classes" file="${cldrtools.dir}/cldr-code/target/classes" type="dir"/>
<available property="cldrtools.jar" value="${cldrtools.dir}/cldr-code/target/cldr-code.jar" file="${cldrtools.dir}/cldr-code/target/cldr-code.jar" type="file"/>
<condition property="is.cldr.classes.set">
<isset property="env.CLDR_CLASSES" />
<isset property="cldrtools.jar" />
<fail unless="is.cldr.classes.set" message="CLDR classes not found in ${cldrtools.dir}/cldr-code/target/classes. Please either set the CLDR_CLASSES environment variable or build cldr-code.jar."/>
<property name="env.CLDR_TMP_DIR" location="${env.CLDR_DIR}/../cldr-aux" /> <!-- Hack: see CLDRPaths -->
<property name="" location="${env.CLDR_TMP_DIR}/production/" />
<echo message="java home: ${java.home}"/>
<echo message="java version: ${java.version}"/>
<echo message="ant java version: ${}"/>
<echo message="${ant.version}"/>
<echo message="cldr tools dir: ${cldrtools.dir}"/>
<echo message="cldr tools jar: ${cldrtools.jar}"/>
<echo message="cldr tools classes: ${env.CLDR_CLASSES}"/>
<echo message="CLDR_TMP_DIR: ${env.CLDR_TMP_DIR} "/>
<echo message=" (production data): ${}"/>
<target name="setup" depends="init">
<mkdir dir="${env.CLDR_TMP_DIR}"/> <!-- make sure parent dir exists -->
<condition property="cldrprod.exists">
<available file="${}" type="dir"/>
<target name="cleanprod" depends="init, setup" if="cldrprod.exists">
<delete dir="${}" />
<target name="proddata" depends="init,setup" unless="cldrprod.exists">
<echo message="Rebuilding ${} - takes a while!"/>
<!-- setup prod data -->
<java fork="true" jar="${cldrtools.jar}">
<arg value="org.unicode.cldr.tool.GenerateProductionData" /> <!-- change to short alias 'proddata' or similar when annotated -->
<arg value="-v" />
<!-- TODO: for now, we just let the default source/target paths used.
could set '-s' / '-d' for explicit source/dest -->