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# © 2016 and later: Unicode, Inc. and others.
# License & terms of use:
# Generated using tools/cldr/cldr-to-icu/build-icu-data.xml
# File: zh_Latn_PINYIN_ru.txt
# Generated from CLDR
# Cyrillization of Mandarin Chinese from Pinyin into Russian (Palladius system).
# References:
# These differ in the treatment of some syllables (e.g. <jue>) from the rules
# below.
# Further commentary:
# Remove tone marks.
:: NFD (NFC);
[\u0304\u0301\u030C\u0300\u0306] ;
:: NFC (NFD);
# Syllabify. Add apostrophes to disambiguate whether <n> and <g> belong to the
# coda or onset of a syllable.
:: Null ();
ng } [aeou] n\'g;
ng ng\';
n } [aeiouü] \'n;
n n\';
# Main pass.
:: Null ();
Ai Ай;
A А;
B Б;
Ch Ч;
Ci Цы;
C Ц;
D Д;
E Э;
F Ф;
G Г;
H Х;
Ju Цз | ü;
J Цз;
K К;
L Л;
M М;
N Н;
O О;
P П;
Qu Ц | ü;
Q Ц;
R Ж;
Sh Ш;
Si Сы;
S С;
T Т;
Wu У;
W В;
Xu С | ü;
X С;
Yai Яй;
Ya Я;
Ye Е;
Yi И;
You Ю;
Yo } ng Ю;
Yo Ё;
Yu Ю | v;
Zh Чж;
Zi Цзы;
Z Цз;
[$] { n н;
\'n н;
\' ;
ai ай;
a а;
b б;
ch ч;
ci цы;
c ц;
d д;
ei эй;
e э;
f ф;
g г;
h х;
ia я;
ie е;
io } ng ю;
iu ю;
i и;
ju цз | ü;
j цз;
k к;
l л;
m м;
ng н;
n нь;
o } ng у;
o о;
p п;
qu ц | ü;
q ц;
r } [^aeiou] р;
r ж;
sh ш;
si сы;
s с;
t т;
[Хх] { ui уэй; # special exception
ui уй;
uo о;
u у;
ü ю | v;
# We use the dummy symbol <v> to signal that an <ü> or equivalent character has
# just been processed.
ve э;
#alternative: ve → е;
v } [an] ;
v й;
wu у;
w в;
xu с | ü;
x с;
yai яй;
ya я;
ye е;
yi и;
you ю;
yo } ng ю;
yo ё;
yu ю | v;
zh чж;
zi цзы;
z цз;
# Final pass: Make sure that the output consists entirely of Cyrillic letters.
:: NFC ();