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# Generated using tools/cldr/cldr-to-icu/build-icu-data.xml
# File: ug_ug_FONIPA.txt
# Generated from CLDR
# Uyghur to phonemic transcription
# Alphabet + youtube video
# Vowel-consonant harmony in Uyghur. Laura Becker
# Shadike, Muhetaer & Wasili, Buheliqiguli. (2014). Acoustic Articulatory of Uyghur Phonetics. Applied Mechanics and Materials. 519→520. 762→766. 10.4028/→520.762.
# Originally prepared by Alina Korshunova <>
# as part of her internship at PanLex (
ئ ʔ;
ا a;
ە ‎ɛ;
ب‎ b;
پ p;
ت t;
ج d\u0361ʒ;
چ t\u0361ʃ;
خ x;
د d;
ر r;
ز z;
ژ ʒ;
س s;
ش ʃ;
غ ʁ;
ف f;
ق q;
ك k;
گ ɡ;
ڭ ŋ;
ل l;
م m;
ن n;
ھ h;
و o;
ۇ u;
ۆ ø;
ۈ y;
ۋ w;
ې e;
ى i;
ي j;
# Handle geminated consonants
bb bː;
pp pː;
tt } [^\u0361] tː; # make sure not to consume tt\u0361ʃ
d\u0361ʒd\u0361ʒ d\u0361ʒː;
t\u0361ʃt\u0361ʃ t\u0361ʃː;
xx xː;
dd } [^\u0361] dː; # make sure not to consume dd\u0361ʒ
rr rː;
zz zː;
ʒʒ ʒː;
ss sː;
ʃʃ ʃː;
ʁʁ ʁː;
ff fː;
qq qː;
kk kː;
ɡɡ ɡː;
ŋŋ ŋː;
ll lː;
mm mː;
nn nː;
hh hː;
ww wː;
jj jː;