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# © 2016 and later: Unicode, Inc. and others.
# License & terms of use:
# Generated using tools/cldr/cldr-to-icu/build-icu-data.xml
# File: nv_nv_FONIPA.txt
# Generated from CLDR
# References
# [1]
# [2]
$apostrophe = [’ ʼ \'];
ą\u0301ą\u0301 ɑ\u0303\u0301ː;
áá ɑ\u0301ː;
ąą ɑ\u0303ː;
aa ɑː;
ą\u0301 ɑ\u0303\u0301;
á ɑ\u0301;
ą ɑ\u0303;
a ɑ;
ę\u0301ę\u0301 \u0301ː;
éé éː;
ęę ẽː;
ee eː;
ę\u0301 \u0301;
é é;
ę ẽ;
e e;
į\u0301į\u0301 ɪ\u0303\u0301ː;
íí ɪ\u0301ː;
įį ɪ\u0303ː;
ii ɪː;
į\u0301 ɪ\u0303\u0301;
í ɪ\u0301;
į ɪ\u0303;
i ɪ;
ǫ\u0301ǫ\u0301 ṍː;
óó óː;
ǫǫ õː;
oo oː;
ǫ\u0301 ṍ;
ó ó;
ǫ õ;
o o;
$apostrophe ʔ;
b p;
ch $apostrophe t\u0361ʃʼ;
ch t\u0361ʃʰ;
dl tˡ;
dz t\u0361s;
d t;
gh ɣ;
g k;
hw xʷ;
h h;
j t\u0361ʃ;
k $apostrophe kʼ;
kw k\u0361xʷ;
k k\u0361x;
l l;
ł ɬ;
m m;
n n;
sh ʃ;
s s;
tł $apostrophe t\u0361ɬʼ;
tł t\u0361ɬʰ;
ts $apostrophe t\u0361sʼ;
ts t\u0361sʰ;
t $apostrophe tʼ;
t t\u0361x;
w w;
x x;
y j;
zh ʒ;
z z;
{ɣ} [{ṍ} {ó} {õ} {o}] ɣʷ;