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# © 2016 and later: Unicode, Inc. and others.
# License & terms of use:
# Generated using tools/cldr/cldr-to-icu/build-icu-data.xml
# File: fa_fa_FONIPA.txt
# Generated from CLDR
[\u200c \u200d] ; # Strip off ZWJ and ZWNJ.
# Rewrite similarly-looking Arabic letters to Persian.
ي ی;
ى ی;
ك ک;
ە ه;
$VOWEL = [ \u064E \u0650 \u064F \u0653 ا و ی];
$BOUNDARY = [^[:L:][:M:][:N:]];
$IPA_CONSONANT = [ m n p b t d k ɡ ʔ f v s z ʃ ʒ ʁ ɢ h χ {t\u0361ʃ} {d\u0361ʒ} l ɾ ];
# Vowels
ی\u0651 jj;
($VOWEL)\u0651 \u0651 | $1;
\u064Eی\u0652 æj;
\u0650ی\u0652 ej;
\u064Eو\u0652 ov;
\u0650ی iː;
\u064Eه æ;
[^ːeoæ] {ه} $BOUNDARY e;
[e] {ه} $BOUNDARY ;
ا\u064E æ;
ا\u064B $BOUNDARY æn;
\u064E æ;
یه je;
\u0654} $BOUNDARY jæ;
ی\u0670 ɒː;
{ی} $VOWEL j;
ی iː;
$BOUNDARY {ای} iː;
ا\u0653 ɒː;
آ ɒː;
ا\u0650 e;
ا\u064F o;
او uː;
ا ɒː; # Probably [^$BOUNDARY]
\u0650 e;
ه\u0650 e;
{و} $VOWEL v;
\u064F{و} $IPA_CONSONANT uː;
و ;
\u064F o;
# Consonants
پ p;
ب b;
ط] t;
د d;
ک k;
گ ɡ;
ء] ʔ;
چ t\u0361ʃ;
ج d\u0361ʒ;
ف f;
ص ث] s;
ذ ض ظ] z;
ش ʃ;
ژ ʒ;
خ χ;
غ ʁ;
ق ɢ;
ح h;
م m;
ن n;
ه h;
ل l;
ر ɾ;
\u0652 ;
# TODO: How to handle these?
([$IPA_CONSONANT|$VOWEL]){\u0651} $1;
[ \u0651 \u0654 \u064B \u0670 ] ;