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# Copyright (C) 2016 and later: Unicode, Inc. and others.
# License & terms of use:
# Copyright (c) 2000-2012 IBM, Inc. and others
# udata sample code
# Usage:
# - configure, build, install ICU
# - ensure that 'icu-config' is in the PATH (PREFIX/bin/icu-config)
# - if ICU is not built relative to this directory,
# set the variable ICU_PATH to the 'icu' directory
# (i.e. /foo/icu )
# - do 'make' in this directory
# Include ICU standard definitions
include ../
# look for the ICU_PATH variable, guess if not there
ifeq ($(strip $(ICU_PATH)),)
# Name of your target
# All object files (C or C++)
CLEANFILES=*~ $(TARGET).out $(TARGET1).out $(TARGET2).out
all: $(TARGET1) $(TARGET2)
# The following lines are to make sure ICU_PATH is set properly.
writer.o: $(ICU_PATH)/source/tools/toolutil/uoptions.h
@echo "*** Please read the directions at the top of this file (Makefile)"
@echo "*** Can't open $@ - check ICU_PATH"
# Only the writer needs these, actually.
CPPFLAGS += -I$(ICU_PATH)/source/tools/toolutil
LDFLAGS += -L$(ICU_PATH)/source/tools/toolutil $(shell icu-config --ldflags-toolutil)
.PHONY: all clean distclean check report
distclean clean:
-test -z "$(CLEANFILES)" || rm -f $(CLEANFILES)
# Can change this to LINK.c if it is a C only program
# Can add more libraries here.
$(CXX) -o $@ $(LDFLAGS)
$(CXX) -o $@ $(LDFLAGS) -licui18n -licuuc
# Make check: simply runs the sample, logged to a file
check: $(TARGET1) $(TARGET2)
$(INVOKE) ./$(TARGET2) | tee $(TARGET2).out
$(INVOKE) ./$(TARGET1) | tee $(TARGET1).out