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// © 2016 and later: Unicode, Inc. and others.
// License & terms of use:
* Copyright (C) 1999-2014 International Business Machines
* Corporation and others. All Rights Reserved.
* file name: rbbidata.h
* encoding: UTF-8
* tab size: 8 (not used)
* indentation:4
* RBBI data formats Includes
* Structs that describes the format of the Binary RBBI data,
* as it is stored in ICU's data file.
* RBBIDataWrapper - Instances of this class sit between the
* raw data structs and the RulesBasedBreakIterator objects
* that are created by applications. The wrapper class
* provides reference counting for the underlying data,
* and direct pointers to data that would not otherwise
* be accessible without ugly pointer arithmetic. The
* wrapper does not attempt to provide any higher level
* abstractions for the data itself.
* There will be only one instance of RBBIDataWrapper for any
* set of RBBI run time data being shared by instances
* (clones) of RulesBasedBreakIterator.
#ifndef __RBBIDATA_H__
#define __RBBIDATA_H__
#include "unicode/utypes.h"
#include "unicode/udata.h"
#include "udataswp.h"
* Swap RBBI data. See udataswp.h.
* @internal
U_CAPI int32_t U_EXPORT2
ubrk_swap(const UDataSwapper *ds,
const void *inData, int32_t length, void *outData,
UErrorCode *pErrorCode);
#ifdef __cplusplus
#include "unicode/ucptrie.h"
#include "unicode/uobject.h"
#include "unicode/unistr.h"
#include "unicode/uversion.h"
#include "umutex.h"
// The current RBBI data format version.
static const uint8_t RBBI_DATA_FORMAT_VERSION[] = {6, 0, 0, 0};
* The following structs map exactly onto the raw data from ICU common data file.
struct RBBIDataHeader {
uint32_t fMagic; /* == 0xbla0 */
UVersionInfo fFormatVersion; /* Data Format. Same as the value in struct UDataInfo */
/* if there is one associated with this data. */
/* (version originates in rbbi, is copied to UDataInfo) */
uint32_t fLength; /* Total length in bytes of this RBBI Data, */
/* including all sections, not just the header. */
uint32_t fCatCount; /* Number of character categories. */
/* */
/* Offsets and sizes of each of the subsections within the RBBI data. */
/* All offsets are bytes from the start of the RBBIDataHeader. */
/* All sizes are in bytes. */
/* */
uint32_t fFTable; /* forward state transition table. */
uint32_t fFTableLen;
uint32_t fRTable; /* Offset to the reverse state transition table. */
uint32_t fRTableLen;
uint32_t fTrie; /* Offset to Trie data for character categories */
uint32_t fTrieLen;
uint32_t fRuleSource; /* Offset to the source for for the break */
uint32_t fRuleSourceLen; /* rules. Stored UChar *. */
uint32_t fStatusTable; /* Offset to the table of rule status values */
uint32_t fStatusTableLen;
uint32_t fReserved[6]; /* Reserved for expansion */
template <typename T>
struct RBBIStateTableRowT {
T fAccepting; // Non-zero if this row is for an accepting state.
// Value 0: not an accepting state.
// 1: (ACCEPTING_UNCONDITIONAL) Unconditional Accepting state.
// >1: Look-ahead match has completed.
// Actual boundary position happened earlier.
// Value here == fLookAhead in earlier
// state, at actual boundary pos.
T fLookAhead; // Non-zero if this row is for a state that
// corresponds to a '/' in the rule source.
// Value is the same as the fAccepting
// value for the rule (which will appear
// in a different state.
T fTagsIdx; // Non-zero if this row covers a {tagged} position
// from a rule. Value is the index in the
// StatusTable of the set of matching
// tags (rule status values)
T fNextState[1]; // Next State, indexed by char category.
// Variable-length array declared with length 1
// to disable bounds checkers.
// Array Size is actually fData->fHeader->fCatCount
// CAUTION: see RBBITableBuilder::getTableSize()
// before changing anything here.
typedef RBBIStateTableRowT<uint8_t> RBBIStateTableRow8;
typedef RBBIStateTableRowT<uint16_t> RBBIStateTableRow16;
constexpr uint16_t ACCEPTING_UNCONDITIONAL = 1; // Value constant for RBBIStateTableRow::fAccepting
union RBBIStateTableRow {
RBBIStateTableRow16 r16;
RBBIStateTableRow8 r8;
struct RBBIStateTable {
uint32_t fNumStates; // Number of states.
uint32_t fRowLen; // Length of a state table row, in bytes.
uint32_t fDictCategoriesStart; // Char category number of the first dictionary
// char class, or the the largest category number + 1
// if there are no dictionary categories.
uint32_t fLookAheadResultsSize; // Size of run-time array required for holding
// look-ahead results. Indexed by row.fLookAhead.
uint32_t fFlags; // Option Flags for this state table.
char fTableData[1]; // First RBBIStateTableRow begins here.
// Variable-length array declared with length 1
// to disable bounds checkers.
// (making it char[] simplifies ugly address
// arithmetic for indexing variable length rows.)
constexpr uint32_t RBBI_LOOKAHEAD_HARD_BREAK = 1;
constexpr uint32_t RBBI_BOF_REQUIRED = 2;
constexpr uint32_t RBBI_8BITS_ROWS = 4;
/* */
/* The reference counting wrapper class */
/* */
class RBBIDataWrapper : public UMemory {
enum EDontAdopt {
RBBIDataWrapper(const RBBIDataHeader *data, UErrorCode &status);
RBBIDataWrapper(const RBBIDataHeader *data, enum EDontAdopt dontAdopt, UErrorCode &status);
RBBIDataWrapper(UDataMemory* udm, UErrorCode &status);
static UBool isDataVersionAcceptable(const UVersionInfo version);
void init0();
void init(const RBBIDataHeader *data, UErrorCode &status);
RBBIDataWrapper *addReference();
void removeReference();
bool operator ==(const RBBIDataWrapper &other) const;
int32_t hashCode();
const UnicodeString &getRuleSourceString() const;
void printData();
void printTable(const char *heading, const RBBIStateTable *table);
/* */
/* Pointers to items within the data */
/* */
const RBBIDataHeader *fHeader;
const RBBIStateTable *fForwardTable;
const RBBIStateTable *fReverseTable;
const char *fRuleSource;
const int32_t *fRuleStatusTable;
/* number of int32_t values in the rule status table. Used to sanity check indexing */
int32_t fStatusMaxIdx;
UCPTrie *fTrie;
u_atomic_int32_t fRefCount;
UDataMemory *fUDataMem;
UnicodeString fRuleString;
UBool fDontFreeData;
RBBIDataWrapper(const RBBIDataWrapper &other) = delete; /* forbid copying of this class */
RBBIDataWrapper &operator=(const RBBIDataWrapper &other) = delete; /* forbid copying of this class */
U_CFUNC UBool rbbi_cleanup(void);
#endif /* C++ */