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# Copyright (C) 2016 and later: Unicode, Inc. and others.
# License & terms of use:
# Script: icu\packaging\distrelease.ps1
# Author: Steven R. Loomis
# Date: 2017-04-14
# This builds a zipfile containing the 64-bit (x64) and/or 32-bit (x86) Windows binaries.
# (Note: The zipfile does not include the UWP binaries.)
# Usage: (after building ICU using MSVC)
# (bring up Powershell ISE)
# cd C:\icu\icu4c\
# Set-ExecutionPolicy -Scope Process Unrestricted
# .\packaging\distrelease.ps1 -arch "x64 or x86 or ARM64"
# Will emit: c:\icu4c\icu\source\dist\
# You will get warnings from the execution policy and the script itself.
# see
# for more about execution policies.
[string]$arch = "x64" # use x64 as default
$icuDir = Split-Path -Path $MyInvocation.MyCommand.Definition -Parent
$icuDir = Resolve-Path -Path '$icuDir\..'
echo $icuDir
# ok, create some work areas
New-Item -Path "$icuDir\source\dist" -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue -ItemType "directory"
$source = "$icuDir\source\dist\icu"
Get-ChildItem -Path $source -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue | Remove-Item -Recurse
New-Item -Path $source -ItemType "directory" -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue
# copy required stuff
if ($arch -eq "x64")
Copy-Item -Path "$icuDir\lib64" -Destination $source -Recurse
Copy-Item -Path "$icuDir\bin64" -Destination $source -Recurse
elseif ($arch -eq "x86")
Copy-Item -Path "$icuDir\lib" -Destination $source -Recurse
Copy-Item -Path "$icuDir\bin" -Destination $source -Recurse
elseif ($arch -eq "ARM64")
Copy-Item -Path "$icuDir\libARM64" -Destination $source -Recurse
Copy-Item -Path "$icuDir\binARM64" -Destination $source -Recurse
$filename = $MyInvocation.MyCommand.Name;
echo "Invalid architecture."
echo "Usage: $filename -arch `"x64 or x86`""
Copy-Item -Path "$icuDir\include" -Destination $source -Recurse
Copy-Item -Path "$icuDir\APIChangeReport.html" -Destination $source -Recurse
Copy-Item -Path "$icuDir\icu4c.css" -Destination $source -Recurse
Copy-Item -Path "$icuDir\LICENSE" -Destination $source -Recurse
Copy-Item -Path "$icuDir\readme.html" -Destination $source -Recurse
$destination = "$icuDir\source\dist\"
Remove-Item -Path $destination -ErrorAction Continue
Echo $source
Echo $destination
# Use 7Zip to build zip file to avoid backslash path separator errors when unzipping on CygWin
if (-not (Get-Module -ListAvailable -Name 7Zip4PowerShell))
Install-Module 7Zip4PowerShell -Force -Verbose
Compress-7Zip $source -ArchiveFileName $destination -Format Zip
echo $destination