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* (C) Copyright IBM Corp. and others 2013 - All Rights Reserved
* \file
* \internal
#include "LETypes.h"
#include "MorphTables.h"
#include "SubtableProcessor2.h"
#include "StateTableProcessor2.h"
#include "ContextualGlyphInsertionProc2.h"
#include "ContextualGlyphInsertion.h"
class LEGlyphStorage;
class ContextualGlyphInsertionProcessor2 : public StateTableProcessor2
virtual void beginStateTable();
virtual le_uint16 processStateEntry(LEGlyphStorage &glyphStorage,
le_int32 &currGlyph, EntryTableIndex2 index, LEErrorCode &success);
virtual void endStateTable();
ContextualGlyphInsertionProcessor2(const LEReferenceTo<MorphSubtableHeader2> &morphSubtableHeader, LEErrorCode &success);
virtual ~ContextualGlyphInsertionProcessor2();
* ICU "poor man's RTTI", returns a UClassID for the actual class.
* @stable ICU 2.8
virtual UClassID getDynamicClassID() const;
* ICU "poor man's RTTI", returns a UClassID for this class.
* @stable ICU 2.8
static UClassID getStaticClassID();
* Perform the actual insertion
* @param atGlyph index of glyph to insert at
* @param index index into the insertionTable (in/out)
* @param count number of insertions
* @param isKashidaLike Kashida like (vs Split Vowel like). No effect currently.
* @param isBefore if true, insert extra glyphs before the marked glyph
void doInsertion(LEGlyphStorage &glyphStorage,
le_int16 atGlyph,
le_int16 &index,
le_int16 count,
le_bool isKashidaLike,
le_bool isBefore,
LEErrorCode &success);
le_int32 markGlyph;
LEReferenceToArrayOf<le_uint16> insertionTable;
LEReferenceToArrayOf<ContextualGlyphInsertionStateEntry2> entryTable;
LEReferenceTo<ContextualGlyphInsertionHeader2> contextualGlyphHeader;