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* Copyright (c) 2004-2011, International Business Machines
* Corporation and others. All Rights Reserved.
* Author: Alan Liu
* Created: March 22 2004
* Since: ICU 3.0
#include "intltest.h"
class TextFile;
* An iterator class that returns successive string tokens from some
* source. String tokens are, in general, separated by Pattern_White_Space
* in the source test. Furthermore, they may be delimited by
* either single or double quotes (opening and closing quotes must
* match). Escapes are processed using standard ICU unescaping.
class TokenIterator {
* Construct an iterator over the tokens returned by the given
* TextFile, ignoring blank lines and comment lines (first
* non-blank character is '#'). Note that trailing comments on a
* line, beginning with the first unquoted '#', are recognized.
TokenIterator(TextFile* r);
virtual ~TokenIterator();
* Return the next token from this iterator.
* @return TRUE if a token was read, or FALSE if no more tokens
* are available or an error occurred.
UBool next(UnicodeString& token, UErrorCode& ec);
* Return the one-based line number of the line of the last token
* returned by next(). Should only be called after a call to
* next(); otherwise the return value is undefined.
int32_t getLineNumber() const;
* Return a string description of the position of the last line
* returned by readLine() or readLineSkippingComments().
//public String describePosition() {
// return reader.describePosition() + ':' + (lastpos+1);
UBool nextToken(UnicodeString& token, UErrorCode& ec);
TextFile* reader; // alias
UnicodeString line;
UBool done;
UBool haveLine;
int32_t pos;
int32_t lastpos;