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# Copyright (C) 1999-2012, International Business Machines
# Corporation and others. All Rights Reserved.
## for ICU - test/intltest
## Source directory information
srcdir = @srcdir@
top_srcdir = @top_srcdir@
top_builddir = ../..
## All the flags and other definitions are included here.
include $(top_builddir)/
## Build directory information
subdir = test/intltest
## Extra files to remove for 'make clean'
## Target information
TARGET = intltest$(EXEEXT)
# Simplify the path for Unix
BUILDDIR := $(BUILDDIR:test/intltest/../../=)
# Simplify the path for Windows
BUILDDIR := $(BUILDDIR:test\\intltest/../../=)
# Simplify the path for Windows 98
CPPFLAGS += -I$(top_srcdir)/common -I$(top_srcdir)/i18n -I$(top_srcdir)/tools/toolutil -I$(top_srcdir)/tools/ctestfw
DEFS += -D'U_TOPSRCDIR="$(top_srcdir)/"' -D'U_TOPBUILDDIR="$(BUILDDIR)"'
OBJECTS = aliastst.o allcoll.o apicoll.o astrotst.o callimts.o calregts.o caltest.o \
caltztst.o canittst.o citrtest.o cntabcol.o convtest.o currcoll.o \
fldset.o dadrfmt.o dadrcal.o dadrcoll.o dcfmapts.o decoll.o dtfmapts.o dtfmrgts.o dtfmtrtts.o dtfmttst.o \
dtptngts.o encoll.o escoll.o ficoll.o frcoll.o g7coll.o intltest.o \
itercoll.o itformat.o itmajor.o itutil.o jacoll.o lcukocol.o \
loctest.o miscdtfm.o mnkytst.o msfmrgts.o nmfmapts.o nmfmtrt.o \
numfmtst.o numrgts.o plurults.o plurfmts.o pptest.o regcoll.o restest.o restsnew.o \
sdtfmtts.o svccoll.o tchcfmt.o selfmts.o \
tfsmalls.o tmsgfmt.o trcoll.o tscoll.o tsdate.o tsdcfmsy.o tsdtfmsy.o \
tsmthred.o tsnmfmt.o tsputil.o tstnrapi.o tstnorm.o tzbdtest.o \
tzregts.o tztest.o ucdtest.o usettest.o ustrtest.o strcase.o transtst.o strtest.o thcoll.o \
bytestrietest.o ucharstrietest.o \
itrbbi.o rbbiapts.o rbbitst.o ittrans.o transapi.o cpdtrtst.o \
testutil.o transrt.o trnserr.o normconf.o sfwdchit.o \
jamotest.o srchtest.o reptest.o regextst.o \
itrbnf.o itrbnfrt.o itrbnfp.o ucaconf.o icusvtst.o \
uobjtest.o idnaref.o idnaconf.o nptrans.o punyref.o testidn.o testidna.o uts46test.o \
incaltst.o calcasts.o v32test.o uvectest.o textfile.o tokiter.o utxttest.o \
windttst.o winnmtst.o winutil.o csdetest.o tzrulets.o tzoffloc.o tzfmttst.o ssearch.o dtifmtts.o \
tufmtts.o itspoof.o simplethread.o bidiconf.o locnmtst.o dcfmtest.o alphaindextst.o listformattertest.o genderinfotest.o
DEPS = $(OBJECTS:.o=.d)
-include Makefile.local
## List of phony targets
.PHONY : all all-local install install-local clean clean-local \
distclean distclean-local dist dist-local check check-local xcheck xcheck-local \
check-exhaustive check-exhaustive-local
## Clear suffix list
## List of standard targets
all: all-local
install: install-local
clean: clean-local
distclean : distclean-local
dist: dist-local
check: all check-local
xcheck: all xcheck-local
check-exhaustive: all check-exhaustive-local
all-local: $(TARGET)
test -z "$(CLEANFILES)" || $(RMV) $(CLEANFILES)
distclean-local: clean-local
$(RMV) Makefile
check-local: all-local
check-exhaustive-local: all-local
$(INVOKE) ./$(TARGET) -e
xcheck-local: all-local
Makefile: $(srcdir)/ $(top_builddir)/config.status
cd $(top_builddir) \
&& CONFIG_FILES=$(subdir)/$@ CONFIG_HEADERS= $(SHELL) ./config.status
$( $(OUTOPT)$@ $^ $(LIBS)
-include $(DEPS)
ifneq ($(patsubst %clean,,$(MAKECMDGOALS)),)
ifneq ($(patsubst %install,,$(MAKECMDGOALS)),)
-include $(DEPS)