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// This file contains compile-time options for ImGui.
// Other options (memory allocation overrides, callbacks, etc.) can be set at runtime via the ImGuiIO structure - ImGui::GetIO().
#pragma once
//---- Define assertion handler. Defaults to calling assert().
//#define IM_ASSERT(_EXPR) MyAssert(_EXPR)
//---- Define attributes of all API symbols declarations, e.g. for DLL under Windows.
//#define IMGUI_API __declspec( dllexport )
//#define IMGUI_API __declspec( dllimport )
//---- Include imgui_user.h at the end of imgui.h
//---- Don't implement default handlers for Windows (so as not to link with OpenClipboard() and others Win32 functions)
//---- Don't implement test window functionality (ShowTestWindow()/ShowStyleEditor()/ShowUserGuide() methods will be empty)
//---- It is very strongly recommended to NOT disable the test windows. Please read the comment at the top of imgui_demo.cpp to learn why.
//---- Don't define obsolete functions names. Consider enabling from time to time or when updating to reduce like hood of using already obsolete function/names
//---- Pack colors to BGRA instead of RGBA (remove need to post process vertex buffer in back ends)
//---- Implement STB libraries in a namespace to avoid conflicts
//---- Define constructor and implicit cast operators to convert back<>forth from your math types and ImVec2/ImVec4.
ImVec2(const MyVec2& f) { x = f.x; y = f.y; } \
operator MyVec2() const { return MyVec2(x,y); }
ImVec4(const MyVec4& f) { x = f.x; y = f.y; z = f.z; w = f.w; } \
operator MyVec4() const { return MyVec4(x,y,z,w); }
//---- Use 32-bit vertex indices (instead of default: 16-bit) to allow meshes with more than 64K vertices
//#define ImDrawIdx unsigned int
//---- Tip: You can add extra functions within the ImGui:: namespace, here or in your own headers files.
//---- e.g. create variants of the ImGui::Value() helper for your low-level math types, or your own widgets/helpers.
namespace ImGui
void Value(const char* prefix, const MyMatrix44& v, const char* float_format = NULL);