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// dear imgui: Platform Binding for Android native app
// This needs to be used along with the OpenGL 3 Renderer (imgui_impl_opengl3)
// Implemented features:
// [X] Platform: Keyboard arrays indexed using AKEYCODE_* codes, e.g. ImGui::IsKeyPressed(AKEYCODE_SPACE).
// Missing features:
// [ ] Platform: Clipboard support.
// [ ] Platform: Gamepad support. Enable with 'io.ConfigFlags |= ImGuiConfigFlags_NavEnableGamepad'.
// [ ] Platform: Mouse cursor shape and visibility. Disable with 'io.ConfigFlags |= ImGuiConfigFlags_NoMouseCursorChange'. FIXME: Check if this is even possible with Android.
// Important:
// - FIXME: On-screen keyboard currently needs to be enabled by the application (see examples/ and issue #3446)
// - FIXME: Unicode character inputs needs to be passed by Dear ImGui by the application (see examples/ and issue #3446)
// You can use unmodified imgui_impl_* files in your project. See examples/ folder for examples of using this.
// Prefer including the entire imgui/ repository into your project (either as a copy or as a submodule), and only build the backends you need.
// If you are new to Dear ImGui, read documentation from the docs/ folder + read the top of imgui.cpp.
// Read online:
#pragma once
struct ANativeWindow;
struct AInputEvent;
IMGUI_IMPL_API bool ImGui_ImplAndroid_Init(ANativeWindow* window);
IMGUI_IMPL_API int32_t ImGui_ImplAndroid_HandleInputEvent(AInputEvent* input_event);
IMGUI_IMPL_API void ImGui_ImplAndroid_Shutdown();
IMGUI_IMPL_API void ImGui_ImplAndroid_NewFrame();